Kit for washing photovoltaic panels

Kit for washing photovoltaic panels

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We have repeatedly talked about thewashing of solar panelsreferring to detailskit. THEkit for washing photovoltaic panelsthey become almost indispensable when neededto cleanasolar systemplaced on a sloping roof. Those who have a photovoltaic system on the ground floor know very well that maintenance does not require particular efforts, on the contrary, those who are forced towash a photovoltaic roof, he will find himself facing various difficulties.

Awashing kit for photovoltaic panelsis composed by:
- a bottle of resin for water purification
- a rod, usually telescopic
- a flexible tube
- a brush with fixed and soft bristles

The sizes and types differ according to the cleaning needs and with them the price also varies.

An example ofcleaning kit for photovoltaic panelswith an approximate price of 400 euros, it is given by:
-An ionic resin filter with a 4.7 kg capacity, capable of producing 1,000 liters of purified water from tap water (or even well water if it has an average hardness of 180 ppm).
-A 5-meter telescopic water circulation rod with attached flexible hose.
-An adjustable angle adapter to allow you to reach any angle of the roof.
-A soft brush with compact bristles specific for cleaningphotovoltaic panels.

The resin based filter makes it possible to produce purified deionized water to be used for thewashing of solar panelswithout adding any detergent. With the filter, the water is desalinated and transported to the brush by means of the flexible connection tube placed inside the rod.

With these kits, thewashing the panelsoccurs by water which, acting like a dipole, removes the material present on the surfaces of the system. Thanks to the electrical characteristics of the water, the purer the water, the better cleaning will take place.

In addition to the non-use of chemical detergents, another advantage of the use ofsolar panel washing kitlies in the fact that they do not use electric current: the filter uses a chemical principle and not electricity!

By changing the filter, akit for washing photovoltaic panelslasts forever. Each resin refill allows, based on the quantities, to produce a certain number of liters of water. The user will periodically have to refill the filter by purchasing new resin.

Those who want to do without pure water can buy akit for washing photovoltaic panelswithout filter. In this case the prices are much lower. An example?

A kit consisting of:
-Bumper brush in rubber and anti-scratch microfiber
- Telescopic handle from 2.60 meters + extension up to 4.10 meters
-Quick connection to the water source

The price will be around 70 euros.

Tips for choosing a brush for cleaning photovoltaics

We recommend a good brush for cleaning photovoltaic systems that you can easily buy online: Solar-Wash Kit Brush for photovoltaic cleaning

The brush can be associated with aSpecific detergent for photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, we recommend using the detergent only in the case of stubborn stains.

Another related article of ours that may interest you is the one with ours advice on cleaning photovoltaic panels.

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