Natural remedies for cockroaches

Natural remedies for cockroaches

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Of natural remedies for cockroaches there are several. Some make you smile, but they work and don't disturb you. The most singular of natural remedies for cockroaches is the wine: take a basin (the cheap one) and place it under the sinks frequented by cockroaches (which is the other name for cockroaches) in search of food scraps.

It will happen that the unwelcome guests will be attracted to the vinous scent, drink the liquid, get drunk and fall into it, eventually drowning. Because cockroaches like wine, just as snails like beer, and wine is the most ancient of all natural remedies for cockroaches.

To definitively eliminate the problem of cockroaches, the advice seen in the guide may be usefulHow to keep cockroaches away.

Given that in the event of a serious infestation, thorough and professional disinfection is required, the best way to get rid of cockroaches is not to exterminate them with chemicals that are harmful to health, but to convince them to leave. Prevention (cleaning) and repellents are the next weapons.

On top of the natural remedies for cockroaches there is hygiene: keep all surfaces in the kitchen clean, including floors, with particular attention to crumbs or other foods that are not sufficiently covered. And make sure that there are no access routes around the holes in the drain pipes. Closing the steps is another simple and great one anti-splash remedy, and it also works with ants.

Natural remedies against cockroaches: repellents

Chopped bay leaves and cucumber peels work well: distribute them strategically in the points at risk and you will see that they are an excellent natural repellent. More delicate to handle, but works equally well, is borax. Distribute a thin layer on surfaces not in contact with food and inside cracks and crevices. But make sure that they are not reachable by children and pets!

Excellent results also from essential oils because cockroaches, like all insects, do not like strong smells. Distribute it in abundance in the areas at risk, preferring 100% pure essential oil of mint, eucalyptus, angelica and sage.

Traps for cockroaches

Another option are cockroach traps, which are not enough if the attack is massive but have the advantage of not being toxic. In severe cases, when you really need chemical help, try to use products that require the minimum amount possible without contaminating the air and water, such as the gel in drops described in the next paragraph.

As regards the cockroach traps, even in this case care must be taken to choose a non-toxic product. Among the various proposals on the market we point out this “cockroach trap”Which guarantees aeffective capture. The product indicated contains 12 traps, so that they can be placed in the places most at risk (in the kitchen, in the cellar, in the corners of the bathroom, near the garden sewers ...).

Gel products to eliminate cockroaches

Gel insecticides have the advantage of having a low environmental impact when compared with other pesticides, plus they do not risk poisoning humans or pets. Among the various products, we recommend Bayer's Solfac Gel which can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 18.90 per 20 gram bottle. For all the info: Solfac Gel on Amazon.

How to use? The product must be carefully dosed without wasting it. In addition, the insecticide does not produce odors and it is not necessary to leave the house during the treatment. 0.2 grams is enough to treat one square meter of surface.

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