Use garlic as a pesticide

Use garlic as a pesticide

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The use of garlic as a natural pesticide can solve a large number of garden problems. On this page we will see how to proceed to prepare several garlic-based pesticides.

Growing garlic is simple, and the properties of garlic make it a perfect food support that is easy to introduce into our daily diet. Knowing that thegarlic can be used as natural pesticide for garden care is just one more reason to appreciate its properties!

The smell of garlic is not pleasant, this is an irrefutable truth: you know it, your partner knows it and even parasites know it! It is the characteristic smell of garlic that works as a natural repellent and prevents parasites from easily capturing the scent of garden crops.

Experienced nurserymen recommend grow garlic near rose gardens and the most delicate tree species so as to naturally remove various parasites such as woodworms, aphids and beetles of all kinds.

Garlic-based treatments they can be effective against aphids and green bugs (Nezara viridula or near and distant relatives such as Graphosoma lineatum) and other phytophagous insects.

In cabbage crops, garlic keeps worms and caterpillars at bay, and it also appears to be an effective remedy for removing snails from the garden. Grown in correspondence with the tomato plantations, it manages to keep away the red spider.

Garlic as a natural pesticide: the recipes

Garlic-based preparations are excellent pesticides. You can prepare pesticides simply by infusing several cloves of garlic or using them in combination with other ingredients. A recipe simple to prepare a pesticide based on garlic sees the union of this ingredient with onion and green chillies.

Get some green chillies, three garlic cloves very large and a small onion. Place them in a mortar and pound them well, finally, put them in a container to macerate with hot water. Leave to macerate for 48 hours, mix well, filter and spray it at the base of the plants in the evening hours. Remember to shake the preparation well before use. A similar recipe sees the preparation of a puree of garlic, onion, hot pepper with the same procedure.

Garlic-based pesticide: excellent fungicide

Garlic-based preparations are recommended to combat white pain (powdery mildew). For this particular use, the preparation has also been tested and recommended by the organic certification body Darmstadt. The garlic infusion is prepared in a simple way. Just pour a liter of boiling water into a container containing 20 grams of minced garlic to leave to infuse for 24 hours. Once filtered, the liquid must be diluted with balanced water (not calcareous) in a ratio of 1: 3, for every 100 ml of garlic infusion, add 300 ml of water.

Garlic, beneficial properties

An article that may interest you, especially if you "care about the health of your heart", if you have blood pressure problems or if you want to lose weight. Garlic properties and benefits for human health:garlic, properties and contraindications

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