Korat cat: character and price

Korat cat: character and price

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Korat cat: a feline not for everyone, a real miniature feline that only those who are willing to suffer can successfully breed. Medium in size, the Korat cat he has a special, almost iridescent hair that shines, and two large, green almond-shaped eyes. It is from Thailand from the 14th century that this breed comes from the region of Cao Nguyen Khorat where they are called "Si-Sawat", that is, good luck charm.

The strong character of the Korat cat makes it challenging to keep, an intense bond will develop between us and him but he often has to have the last word. If that doesn't suit us, let's think about it before adopting a Korat cat. He is playful, intelligent and docile to the point of being led on a leash, but his position of little tyrant home. To be entertained with games, games, balls. And he is tireless.

Korat cat: history and legend

The Korat cat in Thailand it has been bred since ancient times, even a manuscript dating back to 1350 speaks of it. It is the Smud Khoi, the Book of cat poems, who lists it among the races to be considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The Korat cat it appears often and well in many traditional Thai rituals and superstitions.

Already in the processions still in use today in the villages, the Korat cat it is brought to propitiate the arrival of rain. Generally give a Korat cat to two newlyweds is a way to wish them a happy and comfortable married life, if instead you place it in the cradle of a newborn, it will protect him in his sleep and bring him good. All this beneficial power, in the Korat cat, makes it priceless.

This breed is almost never bought but given as a gift. And it is an animal "reserved" for important people, for nobles, diplomats or even kings.
From Thailnadia, the Korat cat arrived in the United States very late, in 1959. After the first couple, Nara and Darra, came the success for the Korat cat which was immediately recognized by all the world's feline associations and landed in Great Britain, and then "invaded" Europe in 1972.

Korat cat: appearance

The Korat cat, with its sweet weight ranging between 3 and 4.5 kg, it is a very particular breed. First of all we can say that it is one of the few that has not suffered interference and crossings. It was and has remained as we see it now, and it is also thanks to its land of origin, so isolated that it has been able to preserve the beauty of Korat cat as a precious heritage.

Another feature of the Korat cat is the coat: soft, without undercoat and short, it is luminous. An effect due to the fact that every single hair is gray (technically, silver blue) but divided into three different shades: clear at the root, dark in the center and totally transparent at the tip, a final touch that creates the brilliant effect.

The muzzle of the Korat cat it has a shape that makes it unique: heart-shaped, pointed, with central and large ears, and in the center two large and green almond-shaped eyes. They do not always appear immediately green but they are and become more and more: the color increases in intensity with the years.

In general the Korat cat has a balanced and athletic physique but not as lean as the Siamese. It has a powerful musculature and its hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones, which allows it to make admirable jumps, with zero effort, or almost.

Korat cat: character

A cat of character, this one, who stares at us with his green eyes and knows very well that he will decide, that he will have the final word. Yes, because otherwise he is capable of unleashing a notable meow. He is never afraid, the Korat cat, and he is not uncomfortable, indeed, he is a small sovereign, he must be and remain very independent, he does not like conditioning or impositions.

This does not mean that he is a nasty cat, on the contrary, he loves to play with the children and with the other animals, it is enough that the rules of whatever game is in progress are his. It is also a playful tireless and challenging to keep up with him as masters. The Korat cat attaches to the owner in a very possessive way, suffers from jealousy sometimes if there are other animals in the house, it is docile and intelligent. He also comes to imitate human attitudes and to be easily led on a leash.

Between the male and the female there is not only a difference in build, with the female being more slender, but also in character. In fact, she, the smallest, is also the most independent and enterprising, he plays and jokes, teases all over the house, almost makes fun of his master and then plays the innocent kitten. The male of the Korat cat he is more calm and affable, especially if neutered. Male or female, however, it is an endearing and irreplaceable feline.

Korat cat: nutrition and care

So lively and active, the Korat cat it requires a varied diet rich in proteins and fats, up to adulthood and advanced age. Some specimens may suffer from overweight, let them play a lot and keep them under control, but in general they know how to do it themselves.

In addition to dry food, well balanced and recommended by the vet, the Korat cat may like portions of cod or steamed hake for variation. For the fur, so precious, an egg yolk more or less every 15 days, especially in the seasons with cold weather.

Why ours Korat cat can show off a shiny coat 12 months a year it is necessary, egg aside, a complete and varied diet, external care with neutral hygiene products and brushing at least once a week, better more frequently and with a deerskin cloth that removes dust. Since we also clean our ears and eyes every 5-7 days, and pay attention to sudden changes in temperature: the Korat cat easily catches a cold.

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