Grow tomatoes indoors

Grow tomatoes indoors

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Grow tomatoes indoors: instructions to start a small growing tomatoes at home, on the windowsill or on the balcony. What it takes for grow tomatoes at home they are simple things like light, dirt, water and good will.

A home grown tomato it can give great satisfaction to the palate. It sure will have afresh taste, natural and at the time of harvest will have the desired degree of ripeness. There growing tomato at home it can be fun so don't hesitate to involve any children and it will be nice for them to have dirt on their hands!

It's possiblegrow tomatoes at homeeven in winter, in these circumstances, however, it will be necessary to set up a lamp capable of providing the plants with 12 - 16 hours of light per day. Those who intend to grow tomatoes at home in spring can be satisfied with the window sill, as long as it faces south or southwest: the tomato loves the light and the sun. Start growing tomatoes when temperatures don't drop below 18 ° C.

For thegrowing tomatoes at homebe careful when choosing the variety: fixed-growth tomatoes are easier to manage with cultivation in pots, they grow in a relatively short period, however they offer ripe tomatoes "all at once" without allowing a staggered harvest. Fixed-growth tomatoes are much better suited to growing in pots and are perfect for those new to gardening.

Indeterminate growing varieties need more space, they produce tomatoes to climb but, when grown in pots, require more care to control growth. For thecultivation in pots, I recommend those smaller varieties.

After choosing the variety oftomatoes to grow at home, move on to the vase and the brace. The pot must also be chosen with care and the height of the brace must be proportional to your growth expectations. Although I often recommend choosing terracotta pots, for cultivation in cases where it is necessary to be able to move the plant easily (to clean the shelves, irrigate without messing up ...), it is better to choose a plastic pot. For grow tomatoes at home we point out two pots with self-irrigating system and integrated brace.

Pot for tomatoes with tower support - h. 120 cm
Pros: it is a light vase, easy to move and manage around the house. It has a structure capable of supporting the plant preventing the fruits from falling. Thanks to the self-watering system it will not be necessary to water daily but it will be enough to refill the pot tank occasionally.
Cons: although on Amazon they can be found at prices far lower than those offered on the market, the cost of the vase remains a "cons". The vase charges 19 euros with free shipping costs.

The pros and cons remain the same as seen previously. The price is around 18 euros and I recommend purchasing this product only if you have space problems. The extra 30 cm can be very useful for those who do not intend to grow dwarf varieties.

Vase with balcony trellis
Those who want to grow more tomato plants at home, this time on the terrace or on the balcony, can take advantage of this large pot with support trellises, perfect for all climbing plants (cucumbers, peas, tomatoes…). The price is around 35 euros and also this time the shipping costs are free.

For all the advice on cultivation, I recommend the guide article on how to grow tomatoes in pots or grow tomatoes on the terrace.

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