Properties of green tea

Properties of green tea

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Properties of green tea: from the draining action to the slimming properties. From Chinese green tea to matcha tea.

Thegreen teais popular for hispropertycurative and slimming. Thegreen teahaspropertyantioxidants, tonic, slimming, draining and anticancer, can be considered the "health drink "and has a thousand-year history.

Thegreen teacamelia sinensis, is a shrub native to Southeast Asia, its use can count over 4,000 years of history. Therecamelia sinensisis a shrubby plant with shiny green leaves, a crop ofgreen teais shown in the photo below.

Types of green tea

When it comes togreen tea, as stated, we refer to tea obtained from the speciescamelia sinensis,but, depending on the processing, the harvest period and the type of leaves, there are different varieties of green tea.

In China, theyouit is the most popular drink. On average, every Chinese person drinks three cups of tea a day. There are around 1000 types of tea in China, half of which aregreen tea.

Chinese green tea

When it comes tochinese green teawe refer to different varieties: Gunpowder, Pi Lou Chun, Long King, Mao Feng, Hua Ding, Plum blossom ... The most exported is the Gunpowder (literally, translated as gunpowder) which differs from other types ofgreen teafor the slightly smoky taste.

Let's talk about Pi Lou Chun green tea: the leaves are typically coiled in a spiral, it tastes sweeter and slightly fruity. This green tea is also characterized by the time of harvest: in the first spring.

Among the Chinese green teas, the most prized is probably Long Jing with the famous Dragon Well. This green tea has won 25 regional and national awards. It is produced from the Kaihua tea farms and is the most consumed green tea in China. Among the traditional green teas it is the one with the highest price.

Just think that on Amazon, a 100-gram pack of fine Long Jing green tea can be bought at a price of 21.69 euros with free shipping. For all information, I refer you to the official pageLong jing DragonWell.

Green matcha tea, preparation and where to buy it

Thematcha green teaorthe matchait is, par excellence, the finest Japanese green tea. For its preparation, I refer you to the dedicated pageMatcha tea.There is also a paragraph dedicated toproperties of matcha green tea.

The properties of green tea

Regardless of the type of green teaused, there arepropertyuniversally recognized for the dried leaves ofcamelia sinensis, theregreen tea plant.

Betweenvariety of tea, in fact, that's it green to attract the attention of the scientific community thanks to the incredible propertyof the leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant. Below I will list which are theproperties of green tea.

Green tea, antibacterial properties

Thegreen teait acts as a natural antibacterial especially in the oral cavity where it counteracts the action of the bacterium Streptococcus mutans. The property antibacterial green tea they can play a beneficial action in the prevention of dental problems.

Green tea, Antioxidant properties

It is a source of polyphenols and bioflavonoids, substances capable of carrying out a powerful antioxidant action by counteracting free radicals.

Green tea, anticancer properties

While there is no conclusive evidence that green tea can help prevent or treat cancer, there is a variety of scientific research to suggest it. Evidence that green tea consumption may be associated with a decreased risk of esophageal cancer. , pulmonary or oral, are not sufficient according to the effects studied on Asian populations.

Where does the misunderstanding come from? Why do many people think green tea can prevent cancer? There is probably confusion between black tea andgreen tea.

It has been shown *** that daily consumption of black tea (and not green tea) is associated with a significant reduction in mortality for all types of cancer.

For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

The daily consumption ofgreen teait has been associated with a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Ameta-analysis ***conducted in 2015, it processed the results of a large number of research and statistical data. The result? Those who consume green tea have a lower risk (- 5%) of contracting cardiovascular disease and a reduced risk of stroke. These beneficial effects are linked to the positive impact that the green tea on blood pressure.

Green tea for weight loss: slimming properties

Although there is no clinical evidence that thegreen teacan help inweight loss, it must be said that this drink has an excellent effect on the metabolism. For more information:how to speed up the metabolism.

How to use green tea

Detoxifying herbal tea based on green tea

In the article dedicated toDetox herbal teasI explained to you how to prepare a detoxifying herbal tea using the properties of green tea combined with those of ginger.

Green tea to reduce bags and dark circles

Thanks to hispropertytoning, thegreen teait is effective for eliminating bags and dark circles. Compresses based on can be preparedgreen teafor toning properties, black tea for property stimulants and chamomile for their anti-inflammatory properties. For more details, I refer you to the guide article"Eliminate bags under the eyes"

How to reuse tea bags

Once the infusion has been prepared, the sachets of green tea they can be reused as fertilizer, anti-inflammatory, to eliminate bad smells, as a repellent against mosquitoes or for natural treatments for feet and body. All the details:how to reuse tea bags.

Properties of green tea, contraindications

Not onlybenefits, green tea also features contraindications. Although not at the levels of coffee, green tea contains caffeine and therefore its abuse could be discouraged in those suffering from anxiety and nervousness.

Green tea, how much to drink

How much green tea to drink per day? It is generally recommended to take two cups of tea infusion a day. Preparing the infusion with a level spoonful of tea leaves while if it is ground leaves, a teaspoon is enough.

Types of tea

As stated, green tea is just one of the many varieties of tea. For information on the properties, flavor and characteristics of other teas, please refer to the page:Types of tea.

DIY tonic based on green tea

Thanks to his properties, green tea it can be the ideal base for preparing a good homemade tonic. If lemon juice is added to the infusion, an astringent tonic will be obtained, useful for those with enlarged pores. For preparation instructions:Do it yourself tonic.

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*** Bibliography
The effects of consuming green tea, black tea and coffee on the risk of contracting cancer from the study: “Effects of green tea, black tea, and coffee consumption on the risk of cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies”. Nutr Cancer (Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis).

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