Bacillus thuringiensis effective against the box borer

Bacillus thuringiensis effective against the box borer

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I can confirm that the Bacillus thuringiensis it is effective against the box borer, or boxwood defoliator caterpillar. Since my hedge has been infested for the first time, and it's been two years now (I think I was one of the first to report the borer in the Lombardy-Piedmont area) I use it regularly to combat the reappearances of the borer (I have recorded two significant, the last in August 2015) and the treatments work great.

The alternative to Bacillus thuringiensis would be the treatments based on deltamethrin, the substance I used in an emergency when I had the first attack of the caterpillar (as I said, I used Bayer's Decis Jet product), but it is also a toxic insecticide for useful as well as for humans and pets. With the Bacillus instead, I feel calmer because the substance acts on the caterpillars only by ingestion (ie when they eat the leaf) and there is no danger even for dogs and cats.

In my opinion the most effective variety in the fight against the box borer is the Aizawai. Because of Bacillus thuringiensis there are three varieties, the Kurstaki (which is the most widespread and of which there are four strains), the Aizawai (a strain) and the Tenebrionis (one stump). I was the first to experiment with the Kurstaki variety (with the product that I point out below) and I must say that it worked.

But later I used the variety Aizawai on the advice of an agronomist (and also because of the latter I found a more convenient package on Amazon) and the results were better: with a single application I faced an attack that was already becoming serious and I immediately solved the problem. Other victims of the borer (in these two years I have assembled a large club) have confirmed the same thing. However, I think that anyone who has bought Bacillus Kurstaki packs can continue to use those and still have good results. And also use it against cabbage diseases.

The recommended dose of Bacillus thuringiensis variety Aizawai in the fight against the boxwood defoliator caterpillar is about 15 grams of product per 10 liters of water. With a pack of 500 grams you can prepare more than 500 liters of solution and I would say that is a nice amount. If you have a small hedge or just a nice boxwood bush, a sprayer may be enough for the application. For large hedges you need a pump sprayer, but you can also buy this easily online.

Bacillus thuringiensis variety Aizawai 500 gr

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