Green IT beyond slogans

Green IT beyond slogans

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Here is a good question from 3CX: what is the Green IT as well as a slogan? Well my idea is that until a few years ago the Green IT made people say ohhh and remained a mental stunt. Today, however, the theme has acquired depth. For the reason that a couple of things have changed: the sensitivity of customers towards everything related to the environment with a capital A and the attention of companies towards the cost of energy. Because even in Information Technology, as elsewhere, the word Green is connected to two concepts above all: the Environment and energy.

According to the common definition, Green IT is the use of ICT products (in the slogan the C is evidently lost ...) that are sustainable and have a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Energy saving, an increasingly interesting topic, is one of the driving elements of the phenomenon. It is no coincidence that one of the most popular green quality 'stamps' for IT products and services is the Energy Star certification (especially in the software sector). Another is the German Blue Angel sticker which has existed since 1979 and concerns the eco-sustainability of products.

More and more companies are implementing Corporate Sustainability projects by integrating Green IT. They do this thinking about saving on future costs (especially in energy terms) and improving their public image. The higher the company's sense of social responsibility, the more respect for the environment and resources becomes an essential component of entrepreneurship. The policies of Green IT they find a natural application especially in research centers, communication networks, business systems and application development centers. In these areas we often hear about Green Software Engineering.

Are there green software? If the Green IT it is intangible let alone Green Software. But the copying of the previous one is enough for the definition: green software is software whose impact on people, society and the environment is minimal for its entire life cycle. The concrete aspects with which green software qualifies are RAM, deployment and network load. More still such as the memory occupied within the computing centers. It will not escape the most experts that even Microsoft, from Windows Vista onwards, has had to pay attention to these green components.

Green IT: cloud computing

The least emphasized aspect of the highly stressed cloud computing (the availability of IT resources through the Internet) is that it is a paradigm shift in the direction of Green IT. There is not only the aspect of energy consumption, which here might seem insubstantial, there is that the possibility of transferring entire IT infrastructures 'on the cloud' enables new forms of resource sharing. And, above all, it makes it no longer necessary to purchase and own servers, hardware and software on-premise.

Green IT: wireless and batteryless scanners

The first barcode scanners have arrived on the market that work wirelessly and without batteries. These are scanners similar to those already in use in supermarkets, but based on a new energy storage technology called 'supercapacitor' or 'ultracapacitor'. Currently this technology allows the device to read up to 100 codes before a 35 second recharge cycle, avoiding the problems caused by the wire and the presence of built-in batteries. But the green advantage is in the fact that supercapacitors, unlike batteries which are based on chemical reactions, work with the electrostatic energy accumulated on two plates inside an electrolyte. The capacity depends on the size of the plates: a normal Bluetooth scanner can work on a supercapacitor that is smaller and lighter than a lithium battery.

Green IT: software telephone switchboards

Today it is no longer necessary to equip telephone exchanges with sometimes complex wiring and hardware components that exploit resources in a non-optimal way. In fact, there are software-based telephone exchanges that do not require additional cables and integrate into any type of pre-existing IT infrastructure. The most advanced of these systems allow full use of server virtualization technologies through Hyper-V and Vmware.

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