Vitamins for cats

Vitamins for cats

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Vitamins for cats, because despite their chronic laziness, with unpredictable peaks of hyperactivity when it comes to chasing a pigeon or disturbing us while we cook, there are times when they are exhausted. And it's not laziness, it is lack of vitamins.

The shortage of vitamins for cats it is often a question of nutrition. If our cat is fed with industrial products, of good quality, in theory they should be studied ad hoc to give him the right amount of vitamins for cats.

If, on the other hand, we feed him, it is more likely, without detracting from our skill, that we need to integrate his lunches with vitamins for cats.

The supplements ofvitamins for cats they are often products sold without a prescription but this does not mean that this should be taken lightly. Instead, I recommend contacting the veterinarian, a priori, who after a visit and any tests, will be able to indicate the nature and quantity of supplements to be administered and vitamins for cats, after establishing your nutritional needs.

Before choosing the vitamins for cats It is necessary to understand that there is not a magic recipe for everyone, and the rule that abundance is always good is not valid, from time to time, from cat to cat, from month to month, different needs arise. The factors that regulate them are both of type physiological (gestation, lactation, growth, old age) and type pathological (diabetes, kidney or liver failure, obesity).

During the pregnancy and thefeeding time, for example, it is necessary to provide our animal with a richer diet, in the first case of proteins, in the second of mineral salts. The vet will be able to recommend the right products, and among them there will also be vitamins for cats, in addition to other supplements.

Another critical phase, which may require the prescription of vitamins for cats, is that of growth. Partly because kittens can be particularly hyperactive, partly because they can arise bone problems which compromise its development. Always with the suggestion of an expert, we can think of providing our puppy in the "adolescent" phase vitamins for cats while making sure that the food, whether industrial or home, has a balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio.

We come to old cat, he too of vitamins for cats he needs it. The veterinarian will be able to identify the ones he needs especially in the process of digestion and assimilation of food. In fact, this is the most frequent problem in cats over the years. We need a product that prevents the absorption of phosphorus in the intestine.

Taking a panoramic look at the vitamins for cats, we see that there are some that are almost unable to synthesize, and others that produce themselves and on which overdose should not be risked.

Of the first category of vitamins for cats For example, there is vitamin A: its deficiency can be very serious and the cat struggles to synthesize it. Before thinking about vitamin supplements for cats in this case it is best to get advice on nutrition from the veterinarian.

In fact, vitamin A is almost always contained in sufficient quantities in fresh meat and in particular in the entrails. Taking an ad hoc product that increases the dose could cause an overdose pathology to damage the bones of the vertebral column.

Another among the vitamins for cats which is not frequently synthesized by our animal is D. We must ensure that the D is always present in its diet but usually if it is balanced, this happens. Whether we use prepackaged products of good quality, both if we have chosen a home diet and are following the advice of experts.

Contrary to these first two vitamins for cats, C is produced by these animals. In this case it is necessary to stay away from supplements vitamins for cats by C unless the vet observes the need. An excess of this vitamin is secreted in the urine in the form of oxalate, a frequent cause of bladder stones.

Another among the vitamins for cats to watch out for is the vitamin B12, to be supplemented with punctures. In fact, its deficiency is often linked to assimilation problems, not to one deficient diet, so it is necessary to resort to these unpleasant remedies. On the other hand, a lack of vitamin B12 is not something to joke about.

The first symptoms are chronic laziness, listlessness, chronic lethargy, abnormal sleepiness even in cats who no longer even want to chase butterflies and pigeons. At a later time, more obvious symptoms may also occur such as diarrhea, vomiting and practical difficulties in walking.

Also in this case the veterinarian, and only he, will be able to prescribe the right care, with punctures, cadence to do them and natural remedies to be placed side by side.

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