Running in winter, all the tips

Running in winter, all the tips

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Running in the winter: tips on how to run in low temperatures, clothing, muscle preparation, warm-up and all the tricks of the perfect runner.

With the arrival oflow temperaturesmany runners hang their shoes on the wall but not the most reckless, indeed, there are those who are considering starting running right now.

Running in the winter it doesn't hurt, as long as you take the right precautions. Chills of cold and involuntary muscle contractions do not help running, and that is why you need to wear the right clothing so as torun in winterget sick!

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Running in winter without getting sick

First we will see what happens to the body during winter races. Thomas Doubt of the Naval Medical Research Institute studied the health impacts for those who decide torun in winter, his conclusions saw that:

  • Energy consumption is based on carbohydrates and much less on fat. For those who want to learn how to start running in winter, it means that they will have to be content with only walking short distances. Metabolism based primarily on carbohydrates is a big trouble for run in winterover long distances.
  • There is a greater production of lactate so it is easier to meet aoxygen debt. For this, forrun in wintermoderate activity such as light running is recommended (jogging).
  • Muscle contractions are less powerful, fast-twitch muscle fiber is exploited, this could explain the increased lactate production.

To mitigate the damage of low temperatures and to run in winter without having to deal with sore throats and flu, it is possible to properly prepare the muscles and wear ad hoc clothing.

Running in the winter, warming up

In winter, heating becomes even more important. But be careful! The heating times must not increase, only the quality. The warm-up is precious but it must be soft and pleasant: 10 minutes of dynamic stretching and a little jump with the rope are enough to raise the body temperature and increase the heartbeat which in turn will pump more oxygen to the legs preparing the whole body to run.

Running in the winter, nutrition

The classic banana to eat before training is even more suitable forrunning in low temperatures. To better address thewinter runit is good to eat the right way every day: take care of your diet! On a cold day, not to to get sick, after the run it is recommended to assimilate hot foods, liquid soups and velvety soups are excellent.

Running in winter, the right clothing

As for theclothing for run in the cold, don't overdo it with layers! You have to cover up but not too much!

Dress as if the outside temperature is 5 - 6 ° C higher than that indicated by the mercury column. As you run, your body temperature will rise by approximately 5 - 6 ° C, so this is the right strategy.

Choose clothing that does not allow sweat to stagnate in contact with the skin: while you are running in the cold, you must not have the feeling of being wet. Breathable fabrics are best forrun in winter.

Running in the winter with strong winds

The wind can make us feel the temperature lower than what it really is. On windy days, wear a windproof jacket and try to start runningcounter-current(against the wind) and then finish the training session leaving the wind behind.

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