Infectious diseases of the cat

Infectious diseases of the cat

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Infectious diseases of the cat: it is vaccinated for 4 main ones but there are also others quite frequent that it is good to know. In addition to feline leukemia, feline panleukopenia, calicivirosis and feline viral rhinotracheitis, the others infectious diseases of the cat they strike him equally treacherously but are not always vaccinable.

The animals most affected are usually the most "vagabonds" because they are more likely to come into contact with other cats or frequent common areas where they contract viruses and retroviruses.

Infectious diseases of the cat: feline leukemia

Also called FeLV, leukemia is a disease that leads to abnormal production of white blood cells in the cat's body. It all starts with a retrovirus that is transmissible by means of urine, tears and saliva. Or via the placenta, from mother to fetus. Between infectious diseases of the cat, leukemia leaves choice.

If the cat has an immune system capable of controlling viruses, then our friend remains healthy, otherwise leukemia affects various organs, how easily it can depend on both the age and the overall health of the animal. The first organ to be affected by the infectious diseases of the cat like this, it is the bone marrow, compromising the immune system and hematopoiesis. This causes actual leukemia or even sarcoma.

Infectious diseases in cats: feline panleukopenia

Between infectious diseases of the cat feline panleukopenia is one of those that also affects other animals, in this case raccoons and minks. It is due to a virus that is found only in the environment and is called parvovirus. Symptoms of panleukopenia are vomiting, fever, anorexia, dehydration, congestion and dryness of the pharynx.

These infectious diseases of the cat they also lead to severe abdominal pain and also result in episodes of diarrhea. When it is one who suffers pregnant female, without launching alarms, but it could happen that the fetus is hit and dies forcing it toabortion.

Infectious diseases of the cat: calicivirosis

Calicivirosis is among the infectious diseases of the cat the one that affects through the almost homonymous calicivirus and is contagious. To recognize the presence of this pathology it is necessary to check for ulcers on the upper palate and tongue, moreover it often coincides with stomatitis. Infectious diseases of the cat like calicivirosis they also have respiratory symptoms and can be deadly, especially if a kitten suffers from it. Better therefore to vaccinate it as soon as possible.

Infectious diseases of the cat: feline viral rhinotracheitis

The herpesvirus among all infectious diseases of the cat it is the one that causes the annoying feline viral rhinotracheitis, extremely contagious. The symptoms are fever, cough, viscous salivation, ulcerative keratitis, excessive sneezing and nasal discharge. Between infectious diseases of cats this leads to death, especially for cats less than a year old.

Infectious diseases in cats: viral immunodeficiency syndrome (FIV)

Let's go off the list of 4 vaccinable diseases and let's get to know the IVF, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It affects the immune system with a lentivirus and / or makes the cat more susceptible to secondary type infections.

I say the "cat", because this is one of the infectious diseases of the cat, it is one of those that does not infect humans or other animals. It does not lead to quick and safe death, unlike others infectious diseases of the cat, but IVF can encounter "healthy carriers say that they are not denied even a long, healthy and rather normal life.

It is enough that they are at home, free from stress and followed carefully so that as soon as a malaise appears they can be treated with a higher, special attention threshold. The contagion for infectious diseases of the cat as this almost never happens through the litter box or the bowls of food and water, rather through exchanges of blood or other organic fluids, or during mating.

Or if there is a "fight" between a healthy cat and an infected one and they bite. There's a test for IVF, which identifies the antibodies that cats produce against this virus, usually present 3-6 weeks after infection for infectious diseases of the cat so.

Infectious Cat Diseases: Cat Infectious Peritonitis or FIP

And of viral origin, is caused by a 'corona virus' and is one of infectious diseases of the cat to be known because it is very "tough" among cats while not contagious for humans and other pets. There FIP it affects cat specimens that have similar inherited chromosomal characteristics e it affects the lungs, pleurae, pericardium and peritoneum with a course that can be either very rapid - only 3 days - or much longer and dangerous: even tens of days.

Our cat has been infected with FIP if he is weak and sluggish, if he eats less and less, if he goes out less. When this is among the ugliest infectious diseases of the cat it affects the kidneys, it has consequences on the animal's ability to hold pee, but if it touches the liver, the gums lose out: they turn yellow.

Other even more unpleasant consequences of symptoms are anemia with the formation of fluid in the abdomen: after becoming skeletal, the cat dies with a very swollen abdomen.

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