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Centralized warming: what it is, how it works and when it is convenient. The new rules on accounting and distribution of expenditure.

What is central heating?It is among the most widespread heating systems in the condominium area. It allows the owners not to carry out the task of managing the system and, by law, the administrator of the condominium is responsible.

Heating system and legal obligations

Thecentral heating systemsare subject to different regulations. With 2016, the obligation to install thermostatic valves and systems beganheat accountingfor the correct distribution of expenditure. Another obligation in force for thecentralized warmingit concerns the activation dates which are marked by a national calendar.

Centralized system and ignition calendar

For the switch-on dates divided by climate zone and region of residence, please refer to the article:When to turn on the heat.

Heat metering

Thereheat accountingit is a system that allows condominiums to be more rationaldivision of expenses related to the use of heating. Thanks to the heat metering it will be possible to detect the individual consumption of each inhabitant so as to allow condominiums to pay for what they actually consumed.

Thecentral heating accounted forbecomes mandatory, throughout Italy, with the EU decree which aims at energy efficiency. The system of"Calorie counter" or "heat counter" mandatory, it introduces a good thermoregulation mechanism in Italian condominiums thanks to which the inhabitants canto set the desired temperature in your apartment. To learn more about the rules and legal obligations, we refer you to the details:

  • Thermostatic valves mandatory since 2016
  • Central heating, rules and obligations

It is the responsibility of the condominium administrator to notify the inhabitants of the obligations and rules in force. It is always his task, before proceeding with the installation of the thermoregulation and heat metering system, to coordinate the intervention and:

  • ask several specialized companies for a free inspection to estimate the cost and the calculation of the achievable energy savings.
  • Check the performance of the boiler and radiators and evaluate any changes to the system or replacements.
  • Inform the condominiums, in the context of condominium meetings:
    - of the budgeted expenditure
    - the interventions to be performed
    - the days in which the works will take place.

Thecentralized warmingis one of thecommon parts of the condominiums. This means that, for renovation of the boiler room, it is possible to take advantage of the 50% tax deductions in favor of condominiums. Another possibility lies in accessing theThermal Accountwhich provides an economic refund for those who buy a new heating system to replace the old and more energy-intensive one.

As required by paragraph 3 of Article 1117 of the Civil Code, the detachment fromcentralized warmingit can only happen if all the condominiums agree. The co-ownership of the heating system triggers the obligation for all condominiums to contribute torelated expensesof adaptation to new regulations.

A single condominium canunilaterallyrenounce to use thecentral heating systemdetaching the branches of his real estate unit. This option can only occur if the condominium can prove that his waiver:

  • it does not involve an increase in expenses for the other condominiums.
  • Its detachment does not affect the functionality of the system.
  • Its detachment does not damage the central heating system, nor does it cause a thermal imbalance of the entire building.

The individual who wants to free himself from the centralized heating system of the condominium must contact a trusted technician and have a report drawn up to be forwarded to the condominium administrator.

The administrator, once the appraisal has been verified, will bring it to the attention of the other condominiums within the condominium assembly. With the authorization, the individual can detach himself from the consumption costs ofcentral heating systemhowever, he will not be able to avoid the costs of conservation and maintenance of the system, as he will remain the co-owner.

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