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Colloidal Silver: properties, recommended insights, uses for internal or topical use, contraindications and side effects.

L'Colloidal Silverit's acolloidgiven by silver particles suspended in a liquid. For those unfamiliar with chemical definitions, we explain that acolloidal systemit is a particular mixture in which a substance is in a finely dispersed state, in fact we speak of a mixturemicroheterogeneous. A colloidal system consists of two phases, one represented by the substance of microscopic size (the silver particles) and a dispersing phase (the solvent). Warning! We speak of silver and non-silver particlesionsof silver! Hence the silver particles suspended in the colloidal system have no net charge. Containing formulations possess a net chargesilver salts, also used in alternative medicine but which are more controversial.

In the article dedicated to properties of colloidal silver we have focused on those who are antibiotic effects of the nano particles of silver in suspension. That colloidal in nano particles is the only form of silver which can be used safely, at the right dosage, even systemically. On the contrary, the ionized form of silver (Ag +) is characterized by a high reactivity and therefore can give rise to side effects and even toxic reactions.

It is not recommended to use theColloidal Silverfor self-prescribed medical applications. Even if there are manypropertyrelated to the use ofColloidal Silver, there is no shortage of possibilitiescontraindicationssuch as the risk of aesthetic and permanent alterations such as argyria, allergic reactions or interactions with other medicines taken.

In the industrial sector,Colloidal Silverit is used as an antimicrobial in a variety of applications ranging from the household to the healthcare sector. Also in this sense the scientific community is not unanimous. In particular, in the medical field there are widespread gauze containing nano-particles of silver or silver salts for the dressing of wounds. A Cochrane systematic review, drawn up in 2012, concluded that "There is insufficient evidence to establish whether gauze containing silver or skin agents promote healing or prevent wound infection". On the other hand, in America, theFood and Drug Administrationconsidered some silver-based treatments to be valid, in particular it approved a number of topical silver sulfadiation preparations to treat second and third degree burns. Controversy escalates because a previous Cochrane review drafted in 2010 concluded that silver-impregnated gauze can increase short-term healing of ulcers and wounds. As is clear, science still has much to discover and investigate about the use ofColloidal Silver and other silver-based preparations.

L'Colloidal Silverit accumulates in the body and, in the long run, with a constant administration of this colloidal system, silver tends to accumulate in the skin and nails. These fabrics darken with exposure to light causing a browning of the skin known asArgyria. Argyria is a generally irreversible side effect but has no other complications except ecstatic.

Only in rare cases the hiring ofColloidal Silvergave birth to contraindicationsseries with neurological, renal or hepatic side effects. L'Colloidal Silverit can interact with some drugs reducing their absorption.

As a disinfectant, more than colloidal silver, solutions containing the silver ion are widespread, which is able to quickly kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Among the natural remedies, many experts in the field report that, given in drops, theColloidal Silver it can cure ear, nose, eye infections and can be used to cure candida naturally.

Before use colloidal silver for internal use, consult your doctor so as to understand together any dosages and applications. Before using theColloidal Silver for external use, I recommend reading some in-depth manuals that may clarify doubts about the appropriate applications:

Colloidal Silver. The natural alternative to antibiotics
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The great book of colloidal silver.
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