Black cat: breeds and superstition

Black cat: breeds and superstition

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Black cat, shiny coat, great charm but nothing to do, superstition haunts him. Nothing to do or almost, because it is enough to inquire a little to discover that in addition to being beautiful, of race and character, the black cat has a reputation as a lucky charm. Yes, not in Italy, but it has it and has also obtained leading roles and movie titles. Would you ever have said that? You will find it written here.

The bad rumors about the black cat they started in Middle Ages when these cats happened to be wandering in the night they could frighten and freak out the horses that saw them last in the dark. Inevitable, given that a black cat at night it is tone on tone, but the people began to think that accidents happened because of this animal's "fault". It certainly didn't help himPope Gregory IX who from 1227 to 1241 did nothing but accuse him of being the witches' friend.

Black cat: breed

There are several of breeds that contemplate a black cat in their range of coat colors, it should first be noted that to be considered a single-colored black cat, "self" or "solid", the color of the single hair must be uniform from the beginning to the end of the hair. No stripes.

One of the most frequent breeds if we are dealing with a black cat of race is the Bombay, with its rounded head as well as its ears, not large. A feline that was thus selected in the USA in the 1950s, by crossing a Burmese with a Black American short-haired, has a very cuddly, rounded accommodating character.

The British black cat he too has a good character and is quite intelligent, his muzzle is straight and round, his body is robust and very muscular with a large tail. The black of the coat can tend to brown, but only if the animal is too much in the sun and then passes anyway.

The black Persian cat it risks becoming reddish if it "fades" but it is one rare and very precious breed. It may also be due to the loyal and affectionate character, in a somewhat stocky body with a fluffy tail and possible momentary whitish spots before 4-6 months.

Black cat: character

Black cat or black cat: when it comes to character, we need to know what sex our furry friend is, because females, usually smaller, are very assertive and it's best not to provoke them if you don't want a trace of their nails on your arms. Males are more cuddly and quiet. Then I would wait to evaluate sample by sample: never trust these generalizations.

Black cat, white cat: the movie

Filmed in 1998, directed by the Bosnian Serb director Emir Kusturica, “Black cat, White cat"Actually it should be titled Black cat, white cat. The film describes in a grotesque way the gypsy population between farce and reality with a lot of music and surreal scenes. Irony and harmony dominate in the film which is not lacking in dramatic touches, but always alluring to play down.

Black cat, white cat is set amidst the Danube River, the local fauna and woods surrounding the gypsy villages along the river. The cats in the title symbolize the protagonists, two badly matched or well matched couples, depending on your point of view, who want to escape the promised marriage. A funny film that I see and review with gusto: whether you like cats or not, black or not, watch it on DVD.

I wanted a Black Cat: the Zecchino d'Oro song

A song that has become unforgettable over time for those who were young in those years, but also afterwards: we are in 1969, we are at Zecchino D'Oro and the title of the tune I'm personally crazy about is "I wanted a black cat". Exactly.

For those who don't know it or for those who want to review it, the text of the refrain: “Volevo un black, black, black cat, you gave me a white cat and I'm not there anymore. I wanted a black, black, black cat, since you are a liar with you I don't play anymore ... "

Black cat: superstition

In addition to scaring the horses and accompanying the witches around the countryside and the city, the black cat according to his ignorant enemies, he traveled on pirate ships who used it in the holds to hunt rodents, more camouflage in the dark therefore more effective. Then when they came down to plunder the cities they were followed by these animals which thus become a "sign" of their arrival. So not at all appreciated by the victims of pirates.

Yet there is also a positive superstition, indeed, more than one case. First of all in Ancient Rome, where the black cat it was a symbol of good luck so much so that when one died it was burned and its ashes scattered in the fields to eliminate weeds and bring a good harvest.

Furthermore, in England, especially in Wales and Cornwall, the black cat brings luck to single women: announces positive news, new acquaintances and future marriages. Better than this!

Black cat: curiosity and cult

On November 17, Aidaa (Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment) even established the Black Cat Day, to protect the specimens persecuted over the years due to witchcraft or Halloween pranks. The black cat however, it also has other moments of notoriety. For example in cartoons and comics, such as in Cinderella: bad stepmother has one. And then there is the very famous Felix the Cat, the black cat of a thousand vicissitudes.

There are various VIPs who have chosen one black cat for friend, among the first and most fascinating is Brigitte Bardot followed by James Dean, Marlon Brando, Frank Zappa, Patty Smith, Cher, Bob Dylan and John Lennon. He had 10 cats including one all black called Salt and one all white called Pepper.

Black cat: tattoo

The cat is a subject heavily tattooed being among all animals one of those with the responsibility of guiding people on the right path, a sort of guru who indicates the good choices to be made, one by one, to the goal. And let's not forget that the legend wants it to have seven lives the cat. This, if tattooed, means that it is never too late to start something new or that you are in the mood for a new adventure. Of any type: the black cat not specific and having 7 lives he can fall from any height without fear.

The black cat, with its bright eyes, it is also a symbol, if tattooed, of an acute ability to see beyond, the positive aspect in the most difficult situations, the one that many miss by giving up. To get a tattoo you have a thousand and more choices, shapes, styles. You can opt for a black cat stylized, with only the outline or symbolic, or for a true portrait of the animal as if it were a person. And then there are those who ask for caricatures of films or comics.

For the position, the feline can sit comfortably comfortably and give a feeling of one quiet person who knows how to appreciate every moment, or can be portrayed in motion, dynamic, for those who are always looking for adventures or prey. There is also the option "cat footprints ", a metaphor for the steps a person has taken in their life. Or what is going to do.

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