Natural remedies for cough

Natural remedies for cough

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Natural remedies for cough: useful tips to combat dry cough and fat cough in adults and children. Causes of cough, natural remedies and alternative medicine.

Coughing can be very annoying. Here is a series of selective remedies to counteract the symptoms of dry and oily cough.

Natural dry cough remedies

Dry cough, what is it:
there dry coughit is characterized by the lack of secretion of mucus or phlegm in the respiratory system.

Dry cough, the causes:
theredry cough it can be triggered by air pollutants, irritants or cigarette smoke. Theredry coughit may be the side effect of some drugs, in particular those used to treat arterial hypertension or it may be due to the common cold virus. "Hay fever" or pollen allergies can trigger a crisisdry cough and in some cases, inflammation can reach the chest.

The causes of thedry coughthey can be psychosomatic in nature, in this case we speak of "nervous cough". In this case, rather than looking for natural remedies for dry cough, we should try to soothe the stress and anxious states that trigger the cough reflex.

Dry cough, remedies:
it is recommended to treat inflammation in a targeted way, which is why medical advice is required. To treat the symptoms and soothe the ailment, various natural remedies come to our aid. Echinacea can counteract the symptoms of colds, including coughs. If thedry coughIt is associated with flu states an infusion of feverfew is recommended. Feverfew is a powerful febrifuge, a perfect natural remedy for colds, coughs, fever and sore throat. To discover the virtues of this plant, I refer you to the articleFeverfew, properties and remedies.

Natural remedies for oily cough

Fat cough, what is it:
thereoily coughit is characterized by an excessive secretion of mucus in the respiratory system.

Fat cough, causes:
It is often associated with the cold and flu virus which are the most frequent cause ofoily coughhowever, fat cough can be linked to other lung diseases. Fat cough can be a symptom of a wide variety of infections ranging from pneumonia to tuberculosis.

Other medical conditions that can trigger oily cough are chronic bronchitis and obstructive airway diseases such as cystic fibrous. A change in the cellular structure of the respiratory tract lining has been observed in longtime smokers, in some cases this change was associated with an overproduction of mucus.

Fat cough, remedies:
also in this case, medical advice is recommended, especially if the symptom is persistent. To treat a fat cough it is possible to use natural remedies and herbs with expectorant properties. Ivy and thyme act as expectorants, that is, they "lighten" the mucus making them easier to expel. There are many spices and medicinal herbs with expectorant properties, even the classic can come in handyblack pepper.

A star anise tea can be the perfect remedy for a fat cough.

Infusion of thyme, natural remedy against dry and oily cough

The infusion made with thyme leaves represents an ancientgrandmother's remedyto eliminate cough and bronchitis. This natural remedy finds certainties in science: its effectiveness was highlighted by the study dedicated to the medicinal properties of thymus published byMedical Economic Company.

In herbal medicine, they recommend the use of thyme to soothe respiratory diseases (asthma, dry and oily cough, bronchitis and other inflammations of the respiratory tract).

The thyme infusion is particularly suitable fordry coughbecause it would act by increasing the production of bronchial secretion, facilitating its expulsion; Thyme has strong expectorant properties (it favors the elimination of mucus) and that is why it is also recommended in the case ofoily cough.

Natural remedies for cough in children

Therecough in childrenor worse, innewborns, it can be very annoying. If in adults it is possible to use anti-inflammatory drugs, the same active ingredients are not suitable for children. For thecough in childrenThere are several ad hoc remedies on the market such as saline drops, especially useful in case of oily cough in children, to promote the elimination of mucus.

Honey is the classic natural remedy forsoothecough in children. Prepare a hot drink with two tablespoons of honey, a cup of water and the juice of one lemon. Add water and honey to a saucepan, over low heat, add the lemon only at the end, when you have already removed the liquid from the stove. Let the baby drink it while still warm.

When thechild has a cough, it is advisable to raise his head: try to give him an extra pillow during the night or raise his head by folding a towel to put under his classic pillow. This will help the baby breathe.

Other natural cough remedies

L'wintergreen essential oil it can be a good ally to fight cough in a natural way. The leaves of the plantWintergreenthey have been used since ancient times to soothe respiratory problems and inflammation such as coughs, sore throats and colds.

If you are not familiar with essential oils, you can prepare a good syrup at home based on simple ingredients to find. For the recipe, please refer to the article dedicated tohomemade syrup. Othersnatural remedies for coughare available in our articles:

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