Olive oil, an excellent ally for health

Olive oil, an excellent ally for health

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Several studies have shown that regular consumption ofolive oilit is positive for the bone marrow by stimulating its growth and facilitating the absorption of calcium. The discoveries regarding the role played by theolive oilin improving metabolic functions and protecting the circulatory system (according to various researches theolive oilwould help prevent the accumulation of fat in blood vessels, the typical accumulations that cause heart attacks and brain problems). Now, thanks to new research, it has been shown that theolive oilmanages to protect the human body from bacterial infections.

The new discovery was unearthed by scientists from the University of Jaen, Spain. According to the research team,organic olive oilit would be effective in preventing some bacterial infections. Scientists compared the properties oforganic olive oilwith the well-known fish oil, oil extracted from blue fish fat, cod liver oil is an example.

Fish oil, thanks to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, would be able to perform excellent anti-inflammatory activities. Like theolive oil, that of fish is widely used to prevent atherosclerosis but was already famous for its ability to stimulate the body's immune response in the event of inflammation.

The researchers performed experiments on mice; some of the small guinea pigs were given a diet rich in olive oil (strictly extra virgin andbiological), others were fed a seed oil diet and still others with fish oil. After four weeks, the mice were subjected to immunosuppressive therapy in order to reduce their immune defenses, and finally they were inoculated with a pathogenic bacterium. By comparing the survival time of the animals, it was found that the group of guinea pigs fed a diet rich inextra virgin olive oiland organic had a higher survival rate than the other groups, even compared to mice fed fish oil.

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