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Melon juices, all ideas

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THE centrifuged melonthey are the best allies of the summer. Acentrifugedit is the perfect alternative to the classic snack, it is less caloric and healthier.

Acentrifugeof fruit can help the immune system in the winter and restore the mineral salts lost during the hot summer days. In the summer, a fruit and vegetable juice can perform an energizing, moisturizing function and can help us fight heat stroke and pressure drops. In this context, icentrifuged melonI'm an excellent ally.

Melon juicesand peaches
The doses of a centrifuged are completely subjective and must respect the tastes of your palate. When preparing the melon and peach juice, the recommended doses include 4 large peaches for each half kilo of melon.

Centrifuged for a better tan
With the right ingredients, fruit and vegetable juices not only moisturize but can be an excellent ally for the skin, even helping to tan. This is the case withcentrifuged melon,carrots and peach. Remember never to peel the carrots you use for centrifuged because it is precisely in correspondence with the "skin" that the greatest amount of vitamins are hidden.

If you are on the hunt forcentrifugedto increase the tan and protect the skin, know that you can count on tomatoes, peppers and mangoes.

Melon juices, pear, lemon and ginger
The recommended doses include a firm but well ripe pear, of medium size, for every 150 grams of melon pulp, the juice of a small lemon and 10 grams of fresh ginger.

Melon juice, apple and ginger
With white melon it is possible to prepare this juice even in winter. Two slices of winter melon are combined with a large red apple and 10 grams of fresh ginger. Adults can enrich thiscentrifugedwith a spoonful of rum or white port.

Melon centrifuged, cucumber and peach
Moisturizing and fresh, half a melon is combined with a large cucumber and two medium-sized peaches.

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