Mercedes hybrid cars, the low-emission list

Mercedes hybrid cars, the low-emission list

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Among the various hybrid cars on the market, there are several models Mercedes. TheMercedes hybrid carsthey are part of the low-emission car list proposed by the Star. Those who want to take advantage of the new car incentives for the purchase of a low-emission car can point their finger at 5 Mercedes models, to which the pure electric Smart ForTwo Electric Drive must be added.

Let's see what theMercedes hybrid carsand the other cars of the star able to access the state Eco incentives.

Mercedes hybrid car, C 300 BlueTec Hybrid
Its four-cylinder diesel engine is combined with a compact electric powertrain capable of delivering 231 horsepower (204 from the diesel four-cylinder and 27 hp from the electric motor) or 170 kW. Consumption recorded is just 3.6 liters in the combined cycle.


Mercedes hybrid car, E-Class BlueTec Hybrid
Guaranteed power is always 231 hp thanks to a four-cylinder 150 kW, 204 hp diesel engine combined with a 20 kW, 27 hp electric motor. The car is able to travel 24 km with a liter of diesel, emitting 109 g of Co2 for every km traveled. The autonomy of the lithium-ion batteries is regenerated thanks to energy recovery and the car can be used in hybrid only mode. The E-Class BlueTec Hybrid is available in both Sedan and Station Wagon versions. The list price is only 2,500 euros higher than the corresponding version with internal combustion engine.

Mercedes hybrid car, S 300 BlueTec Hybrid
Emissions for every km traveled rise to 115 g of CO2. The S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID also offers the combination of the four-cylinder 2.2-liter diesel, 150 kW (204 hp) of power with the powerful 20 kW electric module, located between the combustion engine and automatic transmission.


In addition to threeMercedes hybrid cars, those who want to buy a Star car and benefit from the new Eco Incentives can aim for the Smart Electric Drive or gas supply. The Mercedes cars that can be purchased with the incentives are: Class B NGD, C 300 BlueTec Hybrid - sedan or station wagon -, S Class 300 BlueTec Hybrid and Smart ForTwo EV.

L'Mercedes CNG car which is entitled to the current Eco Incentives is the Class B 200 Natural Gas Drive with bivalent petrol / methane fueling. The power available is 156 horsepower (115 kW) and consumption is 4.2 kg of methane to cover a distance of 100 km. CO2 emissions are equal to 115 g / km.


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