Incentives on the purchase of an electric or hybrid car

Incentives on the purchase of an electric or hybrid car

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In this 2014 theincentives on the purchase of an electric car. The 2014 car incentives do not only favor electric mobility but offer discounts on all cars that have CO2 emissions below 120 g / km, including gas cars and hybrid cars. Today we will focus exclusively on incentives for electric cars ed hybrid.

The eco-incentives for the purchase of a new car provide a discount of 15 percent of the total cost of the vehicle with a maximum ceiling of:

  • 3,500 euros for the purchase of a car with CO₂ emissions not exceeding 50 g / km;
  • 3,000 euros for the purchase of a car with CO₂ emissions not exceeding 95 g / km;
  • 1,800 euros for the purchase of a car with CO₂ emissions not exceeding 120 g / km.

Incentives on the purchase of an electric car
Zero-emission cars are those that have the greatest incentive margin, we are talking about a discount on the list price of the car equal to a maximum of 3,600 euros. To access the incentives on the purchase of an electric car no type of scrapping is necessary.

Key concepts:

  • Anyone can access theelectric car incentives.
  • Theelectric car incentivesthey are valid only while stocks last.
  • The concessionaire is not obliged to apply the discount, in this case it will be advisable to consult another concessionaire adhering toeco incentives.
  • The echoesincentivesfor thepurchase of an electric carprovide for a maximum discount of 3,500 euros.
  • To access theelectric car incentivesit is not necessary to scrap a vehicle.

The low-emission car that can access incentives
To access the incentives, you will need to buy a low-emission car. All theelectric carsand most hybrid-powered cars. In the article "Mercedes low-emission cars" we reported 5 cars of the Star brand that can take advantage of the 15 percent discount.

Many car manufacturers, to entice buyers to purchase aelectric carorhybrid, have launched additional incentives to those already established by the government plan. This is the case of the incentives on the purchase of the Nissan Leaf electric car that gets paidonly18,690 euros.

Like Nissan, the Japanese company Honda also plansincentivesadditional for those who buy acarbut this time the drive is hybrid: the Jazz Hybrid has a list price of 19,200 euros, thanks to state incentives and Honda, it charges 3,660 euros less, coming to offer itself to the public at the price of 15,540 euros with the set-up Comfort entrance and € 16,990 for the richest Elegance set-up.

For those interested inincentives for the purchase of an electric or hybrid car, here:
- the complete list of electric cars on the market in Italy that are entitled to eco purchase incentives
- the complete list of hybrid cars on the market in Italy.

Column anxiety?
It is true, buying an electric car in Italy seems almost an act of courage for those who do not travel exclusively in the city. In this regard, we point out the search engine that will show you the 10 charging stations closest to your garage: Charging Columns for Electric Cars. The service is also available via app for iPhone / IOS and Samsung / Android smartphones.

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