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How to make a garden hedge

How to make a garden hedge

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Therehedge constitutes an ecosystem of great value, especially when inserted near a vegetable garden or agarden. Thegarden hedgesrequire human intervention to preserve and form a linear structure, are mainly made up of tree and shrub plant species.

Thehedgesthey are structured so as to receive light not only from above but also from the sides down to ground level. Somehedgesthey are characterized by tree species that change color based on light exposure.

With thehedges, the gardenobtains a high aesthetic value but not at no cost: the control of growth and lateral growth requires periodic and constant maintenance work over time. The works intensify if thehedgeit is made up of particularly elaborate three-dimensional elements.


Somehedgesprovide for the union of tree species and particularly fragrant flower varieties. Ahedgescented could be set up with different varieties such as lilac, angel flower, rugosa rose, butterfly tree and honeysuckle. A hedge of the genus, in addition to being very fragrant, it will also be very colorful and at the time of flowering will have a height of about 60 cm.

Height is a crucial element when it comes togarden hedge, usually thehedgesare used to delimit a perimeter or to "to hide"blemishes; for example, it is common to set up a rather high hedge to "mask" the cabin containing the work tools, or to cover a run-down wall ...

In addition to height, when it comes tohedgesyou have to understand how many plants are needed for each meter of surface. The busier a tree variety, the fewer plants we need to plant. This information is important because it will determine the quantity of plants to buy and therefore the final price of ours hedge.


With the beech "Fagus sylvatica" you can get wonderfulhedges,the Beech or other varieties forhedgesyou can buy them in clods. Therehedgeshould be implanted ingardendigging a large planting hole, the clod is placed in warm water so as to make it very humid, finally the clod will have to be transferred to the planting hole.

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