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Thermal insulation inside the ceiling

Thermal insulation inside the ceiling

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L'thermal insulation inside the ceilingcan be especially useful when what you meanisolateand theceilingof a two-storey house. L'thermal insulation inside the ceilingit is usually made with a suspended lattice that integrates panelsinsulators extremely light.

Before making use of a systemthermal insulation inside the ceilingit will be necessary to make some assessments about the ventilation of the room: theinternal thermal insulation on the ceilingcreate an additional "plug"to the building structure, so to avoid stagnation or a sense of numbness, it is good to pay attention to the ventilation of the room. In these cases it is important to install an external air intake such as, for example, a built-in fan.

Insulating a home is the wisest choice when you want to save on heating and cooling costs. It should also be remembered that all renovation operations that provide for an improvement in the building's thermal efficiency can take advantage of tax deductions.

Betterinsulate the house from inside or outside?
The classic thermal coat outside the home is the best way to insulate a home, however, in some conditions, theinternal thermal insulationcould be the only solution: this is the case of buildings located in historic centers or characterized by facades of particular architectural value, for which it is not possible to foresee the application, from the outside, of the most effective external insulation systems or facade ventilated.

To minimize the "critical points" of internal thermal insulation, attention must be paid to ventilation, the problem of thermal bridges and space management starting from the insulating materials to be used. The thickness of the insulators must be between 2 and 6 cm at the most. It is always better to use insulating products of natural origin. The isolation must not suppress the room internally, without the appropriate measures a sense of numbness and suffocation could occur. Other critical points ofinternal thermal insulationwere analyzed in the article "how to insulate an internal wall“.

L'thermal insulation inside the ceilingit is not suitable when it comes to a particularly humid and conditioned room.

With the'internal thermal insulation it is possible to intervene on single real estate units or single rooms. If the work is carried out by an expert, it will be possible to eliminate the phenomena of surface condensation (critical point!), Which is why we recommend that you do not use DIY and contact an expert from the very first steps.

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