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How to estimate electricity consumption

How to estimate electricity consumption

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How to estimate electricity consumption: there are numerous methods, more or less accurate, to be able tocalculate the electricity consumption in the house. The most effective method is certainly the one that goes to monitorpower consumptionsdirectly from the meter or on the same electrical equipment.

How to estimate electricity consumption, the devices that detect consumption
There are several devices on the market that perform an accurate calculation ofhousehold electrical consumption. Among these we point outCurrent Cost,the ideal solution for estimate the electricity consumption of the entire home with the possibility of a daily or weekly analysis and also the ability to analyze household appliance by appliance even in real time.

The correct calculation of energy consumptionit allows you to know the actual consumption of each household appliance and of any billing period: analyzing the consumption trends during the day allows you to evaluate the real loads of the household appliances, any peaks in the ignition phase, updating, downloading, consumption in standby ... so as to identify the most energy-intensive elements of the home and take measures. Furthermore, proper monitoring ofpower consumptionsallows you to identify system anomalies and highlight possible hidden consumptions, the classic example is given by malfunctioning refrigerators or equipment in standby.

How to estimate electricity consumption,do it yourself calculation
A less accurate and more cumbersome method is to carry out estimates of electricity consumptionstarting from the required power of the electrical equipment in the house. To make ado it yourself estimategodsenergy consumptionyou need to know your appliances (power) and hours of use. In this way it is possible to estimate the electricity consumption on a daily and weekly basis.

The formula for estimating electricity consumption

This method is only useful if you pay close attention to data collection: it would not make sense to make a rough estimate on the basis of "rough" data, the result would be unusable! Indicatively, we can say that every electrical appliance has onenominal powermeasured in Watts, W, this figure indicates the amount of energy per second necessary for its operation.

By multiplying this power by the time of use, we obtain the amount of energy absorbed by the appliance, generally measured in kilowatt hours, kWh.

NB .: it is important to be very accurate about the real energy absorption of the appliances used and equally precise about the hours of use.

The nominal powers of the appliances are compulsorily indicated on the purchase package, in the instruction booklet and sometimes also on plates shown on the same case as the electrical device. Again, this is not an actual value but an estimate made official by the manufacturer of the appliance: it is for this reason that a device connected to the meter is much more accurate, detects actual consumption and not hypothetical data!

The mathematical calculation forestimate the electrical consumption of an applianceit's very simple:
nominal power (Watt) x operating hours (h): 1000 = absorbed power kWh

Another factor not considered by the do-it-yourself calculation is the fluctuation of the amperage: a computer during video playback or download consumes more energy than when it is used for a simple writing program, often the power consumption during the start-up phase of a device are very high… It is clear that theestimate the electricity consumption of a homewith this calculation it will give us a completely indicative figure.

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