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The Green Roof, useful information

The Green Roof, useful information

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In Italy we call itgreen roofgreen rooforgreen roof, it is an insulating cover in full vegetation that according to the flow rate of theroofcould beextensiveor intensive. In this article we will tell you everything there is to know about the so-calledgreen roof.

What is a green roof for?
In bioclimatic architecture a green roof it can be very convenient for reducing the amount of pollutants in the air around the house, for managing rainwater and for thermally insulating the house. In case of agreen roofintensive, you can even design a home garden with self-production of fruit and vegetables.

Green roofisgreen wallsthey allow the design and construction of buildings even in particular naturalistic contexts, where landscape protection is of primary importance.

Green roof, thickness and weight
The thickness and weight of agreen roofvary according to the type of green roof to be set up: green roof extensive, semi-intensive or intensive. Unlike the green roof intensive, an extensive green roof has a limited thickness and weight as it exploits vegetation with a scarce radical and aerial development.

In general it can be said that it isthicknessof agreen roofit varies from 3 cm up to about 30 cm, even the weight fluctuates a lot, starting from about 30 kg per m² (at maximum capacity in water) up to 350 kg / m².

DIY green roof
Before evaluating any intervention, it is necessary to consult a technician able to establish the load capacity of your ownroof. The load capacity of the roof of a home is only the starting point for understanding whether to opt for onegreen roofintensive (so as to create a new livable space for the house) or an extensive green roof (so as to exploit its insulating, aesthetic properties…); consider that the load capacity of the roof can be increased: the roof can be reinforced with special wooden supports.

Who intends to implant agreen roofextensive, as can be seen for classic lawns, can evaluate the grounding of particular grassy clods of low weight, in this regard we refer you to the article "How to cultivate the lawn on the roof ".

The green roof is not a single roof "monolayer " but it is given by several materials that guarantee durability, yield, cultivation capacity, insulation, ability to manage rainwater and, in the case of green roof intensive, even walkability with the possibility of setting up a garden on the terrace or a domestic vegetable garden right on the roof.

NB. on pitched roofs it is possible to install only the extensive green roof, regardless of the load capacity.

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