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Ventless stoves, prices and operation

Ventless stoves, prices and operation

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Ventless stoves: operation, prices, installation… but first let's see what we are talking about.

When it comes toventless stovesthere is no reference to astovewithout aexhaust pipe, but we speak of onestovewhich only requires the installation of an 8 cm pipe with terminal mushroom protruding from the wall.

Many have wondered in vain about theoperation of a stove without flue, in fact, this type of stove still releases fumes that must be evacuated, the appellation "without chimney"Arises from the fact that the installation is simplified as the escape of the gas produced by combustion occurs through an 8 cm pipe to be installed on the roof according to the UNI 10863 standard.

There are several models ofventless stoves, in fact this heating system can be powered by:

  • wood
  • pellets
  • gas
  • bioethanol (see also bioethanol fireplaces)
  • Petroleum
  • methane

There pellet stove it works by forced draft, as the fumes produced in the combustion chamber are expelled by an electric fan, bearing in mind that the fumes can reach temperatures of 200/300 ° C, these must be managed in complete safety. In the event of a blackout or malfunctioning of the electrical panel, the safety regulations require the provision of a duct or chimney pot to create a natural draft process so as to make the stove independent from the electrical network.

Before buying one stove without flue, make sure that the model includes the addition of a duct for natural draft in order to avoid any kind of discomfort: in the event of an electrical blackout, smoke could escape from the combustion chamber and invade the house!

How does a ventless stove work?

Theventless stoves, whether they are pellet or wood, work by means of an auger that sucks the fuel from the tank and lets it fall into the combustion chamber. The ignition of apellet stoveoccurs through the jet of air at very high temperatures so as to predict the appearance of a flame: during ignition, the peak of energy absorption occurs! In the upper part of the combustion chamber there is the tank and a small tank in which the water suitable for humidifying the environment is located so as to reduce the dryness of the air.

All models ofstove without flue, generally, they have a system capable of automating switching on and off (it works like the classic chronothermostat) in order to optimize consumption. The stoves can count on a pressure switch that detects the good draft of the fumes.

How much does a ventless stove cost?

The prices of ventless stoves vary a lot. Based on the type of power supply, tank capacity and efficiency.

  • A pellet stove without fluehas apriceranging from 700 up to even over 2,500 euros forpellet stovesof design
  • The classicgas stove without fluehas a lower cost: from 75 to 300 euros
  • Abioethanol stove without flueit has a variable price, from 700 euros up to over 3,000 euros for design models.
  • Aoil stovewithout flue has a cost from 100 to 200 euros.

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