Potted mint, how to grow it

Potted mint, how to grow it

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Potted mint, how to grow itand make it thrive even in winter. Tips for growing mint, so as to have it at hand for any dish or for a good mojito.

Plants of the family of mint they are perennial and very rustic, they have a fast and vigorous growth and for this reason it is easy grow them in pots.

When you decide to grow mint in pots, choose a very large container because the mintit has an intense growth and expands quickly, for the same reason it will also be easy to reproduce it by cuttings or by division of the tufts.

Potted Mint: Pot Size

The ideal vase could be a specially purchased earthenware container or an old drawer in which you have made a couple of holes to allow excess water to drain. It is important to leave the plant with mint enough space because with the growth the mint it tends to expand strongly. For the same reason, in some periods of the year it will be necessary prune potted mint.

If the height of the mind touches maximum peaks of 30-45 centimeters, the plant easily expands in width: grow mint in pots from 45cm in diameter, if you choose a jar from 60 cm, the mint plants will tend to fill it all up! In any case, if you do not collect regularly, you will be "forced" to prune the plant.

Varieties of mint to grow in pots

Choose a variety of mint according to your geographic needs. For example, the classicpeppermint is very resistant to cold while the Mentha spicata can handle the heat better. Self grown in the garden and left to vegetate freely, in the right conditions, the mint it will attract butterflies, birds and bees.

If you are wonderinghow to grow mint for mojito, know that it is not true, one variety is not worth the other. The aroma of mint used for the mojito is very different from the perfume of peppermint which is richer in menthol.

Mint plant for Mojito

The mojito is a Cuban drink and in its homeland, the species of mint cultivated and used for the mojito is Mentha nemorosa. This mint, in our climate, would have some difficulty in thriving. If you want to grow mojito mint (Mentha nemorosa) in addition togrowing mint in potsyou will also have to grow it at home.

Mojito mint also differs in the darker colored shoots of classic peppermint. Where to buy a mojito mint plant? In specialized nurseries or by taking advantage of online sales. At “this Amazon address” a mint plant for mojito (it can be recognized by the shape of the leaves, the callosity of the leaves to the touch, the particular scent and the darker color of the shoots) can be bought for about 16 euros.

How to grow mint at home

You must place the pot in a room that is well ventilated, which therefore guarantees air changes to the plant but which at the same time is not prey to cold drafts! If you have a solar greenhouse or veranda in your house that is well exposed to the sun, you can use one of these rooms. The environment must be very bright.

How to start growing mint in pots

We told you that mint thrives easily so do not delay: you can choose a very small plant and in a short time you will get very dense clusters. Mint seeds and plants are easy to find on the market, you can also get them from your neighbor's mint plant: mint is very easy to multiply by cuttings.

In any case, for the sake of completeness, I would like to point out that on Amazon, at "this address”There is no shortage of aromatic plants (sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme, mint, satoreggia…) proposed in small pots with a diameter of 10 cm.

Potted mint, how to grow it

Here are some practical tips for growing mint in pots.

  1. Choose a pot with a diameter of 45 cm
  2. The mind grows well in shady areas but also resists direct exposure to the sun, in which case it will be necessary to irrigate more frequently
  3. It is possible to start grow mint in pots with the cutting technique or simply by purchasing seedlings
  4. If you start at cultivate from seed:
    keep the substrate moist for the duration of germination, about 10 - 15 days. It is possible to buy seeds of mint but on the market there are many hybrid varieties available in the form of well developed seedlings.
  5. There mint prefers a rich, moist soil with a slightly acidic pH between 6.5 and 7. If the soil in which you initiate the cultivation of mint it's a bit poor, add some organic fertilizer.
  6. The best time to start growing mint in pots occurs in late spring-
  7. If you don't pick up the mint regularly, in the middle of the season, prune

Grow mint starting from the seed

It is possible to start acultivation of mintstarting from the seed; germination times are very short: in optimal conditions 7 days are enough even if it could take up to two weeks.

Growing mint in pots (or in the garden) will allow you to have fresh mint leaves always at hand. Mint leaves can be used in cooking as a condiment or as a natural remedy for the preparation of infusions, herbal teas and syrups.

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