How to reduce the cost of heating in a condominium

How to reduce the cost of heating in a condominium

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The expense of heating in the condominium it is a burden that unfortunately has a tangible impact on the household budget. Fortunately, there are several solutions to reduce the expense of heating in an apartment building. This is the case of the use of thermoregulation and heat metering. In this case it will be possible to establish how much heat to deliver and determine the consumption calculation of each individual apartment, in order to avoid possible condominium disputes.

Heating in the condominium, thermoregulation
Thanks to thermoregulation and heat metering it is possible to save 20-25% on the cost of heating, a saving that can increase if the boiler is also changed.
With the new regulations, there is an obligation to install devices for thermoregulation and heat metering in new buildings and in those renovated with more than 4 apartments: the legislation, however, may vary from region to region.
What does thermoregulation consist of?
Thermoregulation consists in installing a thermostatic valve on each radiator capable of sensing the room temperature and then delivering only the necessary heat. It should be noted that the valves can give us the possibility to set the temperature we want, they are in fact equipped with notches that allow us to set the desired temperature (1 corresponds to the coldest temperature, 3 to 18 °, 5 to the hottest temperature and, between one number and another, there are 2 ° of difference).

Heating in the condominium, accounting
Accounting consists in calculating the individual consumption of the apartments, even in the presence of a centralized heating system: a heat divider is installed on each radiator or a meter or a totalizer at the entrance to the system branch in the apartment.

Heating in the condominium, useful tips
To save on the cost of heating we give you some tips:

  • Regardless of the type of radiator, we try not to obstruct the circulation of air: if it is located on a wall that faces outwards (such as under the window) we insert an insulating or heat-reflecting panel between the radiator and the wall
  • We subject the autonomous boiler to periodic maintenance and have the fumes checked, without forgetting that maintenance is mandatory every 4 years for the new boiler and every 2 years for the one over 8 years old.
  • Since the most convenient fuel is methane, we prefer the systems that use it, then choosing a condensing boiler to save further
  • We avoid exceeding 20 ° at home (the ideal is 19-20 ° during the day and 16 ° at night) since even a single degree more would affect the bill.

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