Rapeseed oil, all the info

Rapeseed oil, all the info

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Rapeseed oil: properties, cosmetic and food uses of rapeseed oil or canola oil. Where to buy it and how to use it. Application as a biofuel.

Rapeseed plant, Brassica napus

LRapeseed oil is obtained from rapeseed seeds, a plant known as Brassica napus orreassures turnip. For the production of oil, today, a variety selected specifically to modify thecomposition of fatty acidsof oil and to lower the concentrations oferucic acid. Generally, therapeseed oilobtained from the selected varieties, it is calledcanola oiland, according to the relevant authorities, it poses no health risk.

The most important mutant variety was developed in Canada. Genetic improvement is known to the world asCANOLA, which is actually the acronym forCanadian Oil Low Acid, referring to the exact amount (less than 2%) of erucic acid in the oil obtained from the seeds. In addition, the oil obtained fromgenetically modified rapeseed plantsees less than 30 micromoles of glucosinolates.

Thererapeseed planthas seen a number of genetic engineering. In 1995, Monsanto introduced the first variety ofrapeseedresistant to glyphosate, a very powerful herbicide.

In 1998 the Stellar variety was introduced, in this case therapeseedmanages to return an oil not only with a low content of erucic acid and a high content of oleic acid, but also with few polysaturated acids such as linolenic acid. In this way, therapeseed oilit is produced from genetically engineered plants to return agood oil for fryingand difficult to rancid (naturally long-life).

On the other hand, varieties of rapeseed with a high content of erucic acid have also been selected, whose use is intended for the preparation of lubricants, fuels (biodisel), paints, rubbers, steel pickling and drying oil.

Rapeseed oil, properties

Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, it is also rich in vitamin E. At high cooking temperatures, therapeseed oil it does not lose its antioxidants, nor its flavor, therefore it is considered a good oil for frying and cooking, even for prolonged cooking in the oven. The flavor is very delicate and for this reason it is suitable for the preparation of desserts.

Putting aside the controversies related to Monsanto, according to experts, thecanola oil it is considered the healthiest of all common cooking oils due to its resistance to high temperatures.

L'rapeseed oil it can be used in the kitchen for any dish, even for those that require cooking at high temperatures.

Canola oil in the kitchen

L'rapeseed oil low in erucic acid (the content of erucic acid admitted in Italy must not exceed 5% but is generally always less than 2%), it is used as table and cooking oil and in the manufacture of margarines and shortening.

L'rapeseed oil it is also recommended in diets, despite the controversies surrounding the use of this oil, it is considered one of the best oils, since it has the lowest fat content compared to other types.

Especially in diets, it is generally recommended to replace saturated fats with monounsaturated ones since therapeseed oil it is rich in monounsaturated fats.

Nutritional value: 100 grams of rapeseed oil they provide 9 grams of omega-3 fatty acids and 22 grams of omega-6.

Cosmetic rapeseed oil

Who does not want to take the risk ofto hirean oil obtained from genetically modified plants, can exploit the properties of the product only for external use.

L'rapeseed oil, in fact, it includes a good number ofcosmetic propertiesand for this reason it is widely used in the make-up and beauty cream industry.

Rapeseed oil can be used after shampooing to soften the hair and give it shine. Massage into damp hair and rinse. It is also possible to use rapeseed oil as a face makeup remover or as a base for the production of homemade soap.

Rapeseed oil, where to buy it

In large supermarkets you can findcake oil: it is a mixture composed mainly of canola oil.

Those who prefer online shopping can take advantage of Amazon,on this pageyou will find various offers for bothedible rapeseed oilboth for rapeseed oil for cosmetic use.

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