Woodworm treatment for furniture

Woodworm treatment for furniture

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To eliminate the very harmful woodworms that insinuate themselves into the wood of our furniture, we can resort to woodworm treatment. The presence of woodworms, which attack all old woods of all qualities, can be found in the wood flour under the furniture and in the holes in the wood, as you can see in the photo above. For a good woodworm treatment, the furniture must be stripped, otherwise it is preferable to have the furniture completely stripped before proceeding with the application of theantitarlo. The furniture can then be recolored and waxed.

Woodworm treatment, the necessary
Natural woodworm product free of petroleum and derivatives based on essential oils and natural salts
Large polyethylene sheet
Scotch tape
Safety goggles
Protective paint

Woodworm treatment, procedure

  1. Place the furniture to be treated in a quiet space where you can work and then let it rest for a few days after woodworm treatment: choose a well-ventilated room while applying the antitworm so as not to breathe its vapors if you work inside.
  2. Equip yourself with protective gloves and goggles and spread the cloth well: we will need it to protect the floor from dripping and to pack the furniture after the woodworm treatment, thus creating a sort of "gas chamber" for woodworms.
  3. Disassemble the furniture in all its parts to better reach difficult points and internal areas.
  4. Place a small cup on each foot of the furniture: soup plates, made of disposable plastic, are fine.
  5. Pour the woodworm product into each cup: the woodworm treatment should be distributed throughout the furniture by capillarity.
  6. To be more sure of being able to exterminate the woodworms, then spread theantitarlo in the affected areas with the help of a brush: you will notice how in the woodworm holes, the insecticide will penetrate much more easily, filling the empty passages.
  7. After the woodworm treatment, wrap the piece of furniture with the cloth and close it hermetically with the help of the insulating tape.
  8. Leave the furniture to rest for several days, preferably for 3 weeks
  9. After this time, clean the cabinet with a solution of water, lemon and white vinegar

Subsequently it will be possible to proceed with the painting of the cabinet or simply put it back in its place, returning to reuse it.

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