How to light up an attic in a natural way

How to light up an attic in a natural way

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The attics, although they are a welcoming and pleasant place to live, they often have the disadvantage of being dark. To illuminate an attic in a natural way we can resort to different solutions. In this regard we will suggest you how to illuminate the attic without resorting to artificial lighting systems.

Attic lighting, Windows
The lack of natural light generally depends on the lack of openings to the outside and on construction elements, in the case of the use of wood and paequet.
The window represents the first solution for illuminate an attic dark: it must be large and placed in the part of the wall perpendicular to the ridge line (it indicates the line common to two flat slopes of a sloping roof) and preferably below the ridge line itself.
The construction of a window brings several advantages:

  • brings natural light to the rooms
  • it can also be opened during the bad season to ventilate

The only recommendation is to screen the window with the curtains provided or with some other system during the day: the sun that filters during the central hours of a summer day could quickly overheat the attic making it unpleasant to live.

Attic lighting, dormer window
Unfortunately, windows do not always bring the desired results in terms of brightness. In this regard, we can support other systems that may prove necessary. This is the case of dormer windows, an aesthetically very good solution for illuminate the attic in a natural way.
Dormers are wooden or masonry structures, which rise above the pitch of the roof to position a window vertically. The dormers are connected to the main pitch of the roof through small pitches placed above them.

Useful information: in this article we have not exposed any building permits that, depending on municipal regulations, may be required. Therefore, before intervening, it is advisable to inquire with the Municipality of residence for any paperwork.

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