How to avoid breathing smog

The scientific evidence is many and they all come to the same conclusion: physical exercise is good for mood, improves memory and decreases the risk of diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Unfortunately, a recent study on the subject states that the execution of sports in urban areas could reduce the positive effects of training.

The reason? Exercise increases the metabolism and makes it faster and deeperbreathing. In other words, the subject who runs or walks in the city Breathe more air but also everything it contains. The smogin urban areas it is certainly nothing new, passersby and athletes would do well toto avoidofto breatheairpolluted,Yup,but how?

L'pollutionurban air makes it more difficult for passers-by and athletes to breathe, those with shortness of breath may feel a tightness in the chest or a tingling / burning in the throat. Another symptoms relate to burning eyes and headaches. In the long run, these symptoms could turn into an increased risk of developing heart and lung disease.

The need for cannot be remediedto breathebut you canavoid pollution! We are not suggesting that you leave the city and move to the mountains or the woods, just to make some changes to your outings on the road.

To reduce exposure to airpolluted, try toto avoidbusy areas or going out at rush hour. Prefer secondary roads and above all green spaces, preferably wooded or uncultivated (yes, a lawn that is too well-kept could host pesticides and / or herbicides, equally harmful to health). An excellent strategy foravoid breathing pollutionis going to streams, lakes, sea, streams ... if you are lucky enough to live near an expanse of water, choose that location for jogging (water yes, but avoid port areas)

Prefer the morning hours to leave the house, the early hours of the day are the best, there are not many cars on the street and the air is morebreathable. The ideal time to leave the house is from 6 in the morning until 10, not only for the smallest amount of traffic but also for the sunlight: when the sun beats strong there is more smog because the heat affects the hydrocarbons emitted from the exhaust gases.

Go out when there is a lot of wind: windy days are usually the leastpollutedbecause the wind disperses the smog reducing its concentrations.

In addition to these behavioral tips, we can suggest you use oneanti-smog mask. Warning! Let's not talk about the classic white surgeon masks, completely useless when it comes topollution, we refer to anti-smog masks with the EN 149 mark (European standard that guarantees minimum filtering efficiency). Based on the filtering efficiency, the anti-smog masks are divided into FFP1 (minimum guaranteed efficiency equal to 78%) FFp2 (minimum filtering efficiency equal to 92%) and FFP3, these are heavy and bulky masks, intended to be used on construction sites or particular situations.

Video: With Every Breath: Health Effects of Smog (January 2022).