Garden furniture, how to choose them

Garden furniture, how to choose them

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The garden is an integral and important part of your home, so it is essential to choose the furniture that reflects the style of those who live there, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment in which to relax. The garden furniture they are the trait d'union between man and the environment, objects of daily life within a natural setting and in this context it is good to pay due attention to the right furniture to allow us to customize the comfort area according to your own style in harmony with the green. But let's see in detail how to choose the garden furniture, following some indications.

Garden furniture, the eco-sustainable choice
As for the choice of chairs, it is also good to evaluate the ergonomics factor, because basically aesthetics should not exclude comfort. For shapes, materials and colors, there is only the embarrassment of choice, from plastic to wrought iron, from wood to steel. But attention should be paid to ecological materials, mostly obtained from recycled raw materials, which combine design and eco-sustainability. In fact, on the market there are valuable garden furniture, made in a natural context as an added value.

Garden furniture, furnishing ideas
Before choosing the furniture, we must ask ourselves a question ... .. how much space do I have available? If it is a small garden it makes no sense to fill it with an excessive number of outdoor furniture, they would only create confusion and disorder. In this case, let's limit ourselves to a table with chairs, perhaps installing a canopy to create a shady corner for summer afternoons. If it is a large garden, we can give space to our creativity with tables, chaise-longues, sofas, or directly with an outdoor living room set: in this case it is always good to protect it in case of bad weather with a tent or a canopy. sufficiently wide.
Why not mount some basket-shaped swings with a self-supporting metal structure to let yourself be cradled with maximum comfort? They are real suspended sofas, to be placed on the ceiling of the porch or terrace. Maybe we can opt for a real outdoor bed sheltered by a sloping roof, with maxi padding, colored and resistant.
Another nice idea are the seats equipped with small points of light in the lower part, which diffuse a light and pleasant glow or we can furnish the garden with completely luminous bird-shaped sculpture-chairs, designed to be also a fun game for the little ones. .
The round polyethylene planters are also beautiful, fully illuminated by monochrome LED lights, for fascinating color effects.

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