Cannero Riviera, a village to discover

Cannero Riviera, a village to discover

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Forget the smog, the urban chaos and the noise of traffic: you are inCannero Riviera,province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, in the upper Piedmont. UpCannerowaving the Blue and Orange Flags. The Blue Flag was awarded for the environmental quality of the bathing waters, clean beaches and equipped with efficient services (in the adjacent gardens there is a barbecue, a playground and many other facilities for inhabitants and tourists).

The Orange Flag was awarded for the beauty, care and uniqueness of the Borgo.Cannero Rivierais a tourist resort that works 365 days a year in the sustainable land management and the results are more than welcome by both tourists and inhabitants.

Recognitions aside, the charming town has just over a thousand inhabitants and in the village the quiet is palpable. Walking through the streets ofCanneroyou can breathe clean air and, even when the sky is overcast and the climate is cold, the atmosphere is always warm, welcoming and familiar. As evidence of these words, there is not only my experience as a tourist / journalist, there is above all the proof of nature: aCannerothere is no shortage of citrus crops, plants that normally need a Mediterranean climate to thrive.

The case ofcitrus groves of Cannerohas worldwide relevance, just think that Eliezer Goldschmidt, professor at the University of Jerusalem and world-renowned researcher in the field of citrus fruits, follows the case ofCannerofor some time. What is special about themcitrus from Cannero?The location on Lake Maggiore is at 46 degrees north latitude and is the northernmost region in the world where oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons and cedars thrive.

During my short stay aCanneroI was able to touch the citrus groves managed by the municipality and those present in the private gardens: yes, on the occasion of the Orange Flag Day no one pulled back and even the locals opened their doors to show everyone the goodness grown in the vegetable garden and in the orchard.

Not just tradition, the Borgo is rich in innovation:Canneroincludes a sort of genetic census of indigenous citrus varieties; among the gems of the territory there is a lemon plant grown almost as if it were a climbing plant and numerous grafts. Agronomic innovation is combined with clean energy, so the village feeds on hydroelectric energy and on Lake Maggiore there is a solar powered catamaran ready to lead tourists to discover the castles and villas that rise on the banks.

in the photo above you can admire the Hapimag, Resort that stands on a horseshoe-shaped structure that until 1975 housed the "Verbania" brush factory. For over 20 years, the brush factory has risen to new life, becoming a tourist accommodation and promotion center for the area, especially thanks to the activities organized in collaboration with the local administration.

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