All about the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Sedan

All about the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Sedan

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The sedan hybridToyota Prius it becomes Plug-In,with the version being set up Active at 40,250 euros. About 12,500 euros more than the classicPrius.The electricity expense will give the user greater autonomy, in fact thePrius Plug-in Hybridwill allow you to drive in the city without suffering any stress from charging and for trips outside the city team play will come into action with the combined action of electric traction and the heat engine.

How to recharge thePrius plug-in hybrid
The car recharges like a mobile phone! Nothing could be simpler: open the trunk, extract the power cable and connect it to the right side of the car - exactly in the opposite direction to that of the petrol canister -. The cable ends with a standard plug to be inserted into household electrical sockets. In 90 minutes, the 56 cells of the lithium-ion batteries are fully charged.


How the sedan is placedplug-in hybrid in terms of autonomy?
Toyotapromises 25 km with a full tank of electricity but considering the urban traffic and the high summer temperatures, let's say that in some days we will have to settle for 19-21 km in electric only. Not bad considering that in zev la modeHybrid Prius(not plug-in) could only give us a couple of km! For longer distances, using the hybrid mode eliminates any thought of autonomy limited, extending the distance beyond 1,200 km.

How powerful is oneToyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid?
If you are looking for driving experiencesspirited,buy a sports car! TherePrius Plug-in Hybrid it was not developed for strong emotions but to guarantee low consumption (indeed, very low!), comfort and safety. The specifications see a 1.8 petrol four-cylinder combined with electric drive and a planetary gearbox. In total, the available power is 136 hp. The electric motor provides 207 Nm of torque while the thermal one offers 142 Nm. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is covered in 11.4 seconds.


TherePrius Plug-in Hybridit has a particularly useful function when there is a woman behind the wheel: a micro camera is fixed in the rear spoiler that helps the driver in reversing! Putting commonplaces aside, even boys easily enjoy comforts like this! :)

Heart-pounding options
With the Lounge set-up it is possible to equip the car with a solar panel with sunroof and remote activation of the air conditioning, the optional uses the energy of the sun's rays to cool the passenger compartment.

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