Insulate with wood fiber

Insulate with wood fiber

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There Wood fiber it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and the panels with which it is marketed are a super-tested bio-ecological product suitable for green building, as long as they are not treated with adhesives or aggressive chemicals.

With the Wood fiber in panels, vertical walls of buildings, horizontal floors, roofs and sub-floors can be thermally and noise insulated, which makes them a very versatile material with good dimensional stability (the sheets tend to bend but in a limited way) and also longer life than many petrochemical synthesis insulation materials.

The origin and processing are important. The panels of Wood fiber truly bio-ecological, they are made starting from ground sawmill wood scraps up to reduce them into wool and subsequently aggregated due to the gluing power of lignin alone, the natural resin present in wood same. As a rule, we start with softwood of pine or silver fir and the production of wood fiber is also a form of recycling of bark and branches.

Depending on the uses, there are panels of Wood fiber very porous and in some cases added with pure bitumen or latex emulsions (for thermal and acoustic insulation or for attics) or with a harder structure (for the sub-floor). Usually the panels are subjected to a particular 'felting' process which helps to make them stable

In addition to having an excellent ecological balance (the energy consumption in production is very low and they are recyclable as fuel at the end of their life), the Wood fiber they are excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. The insulating power is 0.039 W / mK and the high density (at least 160Kg / mc to be effective but this must be verified in the individual panels because it is variable) makes it an excellent barrier against noise.

Another thermal advantage of the Wood fiber it is the high time of 'phase shift' (the time taken by the heat to pass from one surface to another of an element) that makes the roofs and attics insulated with this material much fresher and more livable than synthetic insulation. The retail price of the panels is not excessive, generally comparable to that of good quality synthetic materials.

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