Indoor plants in winter

Indoor plants in winter

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For the indoor plants the most problematic period begins because the external temperature and humidity no longer allow you to leave the windows open for a long time and the heating dries up the internal air. Speaking of windows, when you open them to change the air, make sure to gather all the plants in a closed room to avoid sudden changes in temperature that can cause serious damage to indoor plants.

Lighting and temperature. But also remember not to move them too often indoor plants and when you do, try to relocate them while maintaining the same orientation to the light. Plants naturally try to turn their leaves towards light sources, and lighting changes are stressful for them. As for the temperature, ideal for indoor plants in winter only rooms or environments where it does not exceed 18 ° C. For those who live in condominiums, landings, hallways and stairwells are a good winter accommodation for indoor plants.

Watering. At indoor plants in winter the water intake should be reduced by reducing watering. However, it is important that the soil remains fresh constantly, which does not mean soaked with water, and that the leaves are hydrated with non-cold water vaporization. It is also useful to spray the foliage every 10-15 days with a hormonal stimulant (there are also organic ones) that help the leaf vigor and favor the birth of new leaves. It is important, both for watering and for spraying on the leaves, to always use 'rested' water so that any dissolved minerals have settled and the temperature is as close as possible to that of the environment.

Soil and nourishment. The potting soil of the indoor plants it should be removed often on the surface to avoid the formation of crusts or molds which can damage the roots or spread to the leaves. As for nourishment, it is advisable for indoor plants a winter fertilization about every 15 days made with a biological mineral fertilizer.

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