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Christmas gifts online

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It will be boom for thegifts of Christmas online. In fact, it seems that 49% of smartphone and tablet users are thinking of using their mobile device to search or buy presents Christmas, and 36% plan to do more shopping online for this Christmas compared to last year. To say it is a recent investigation conducted online by Harris Interactive, according to which this Christmas will be characterized by a strong increase in purchases made online.

Research is known to be taken with a grain of salt, even when done well, but that the spread of mobile devices has turbo-charged e-commerce is a fact. To mark the boom of the gifts of Christmas online in fact, it will be smartphones and tablets that, supported by increasingly better performance, have become a widespread purchase tool.

In short, on the demand side, things have evolved, but the offer has also made progress and today companies that offer e-commerce services are much more ready to face the race for gifts of Christmas online. Even the opportunities to find green gifts have become more numerous and browsing the net a little bit you will find really interesting and original things. However, the performance of e-commerce sites is not always equal to that of devices.

Mobile performance is crucial on both sides because of the Christmas online it's easy to fall in love, but it's just as easy to get tired. And usually getting tired happens when the connection is weak or the device is not usable as we would like. Harris research says 37% of smartphone or tablet users will abandon their purchase to go elsewhere if the site or app doesn't load within 3 seconds. Young people are the most impatient: the number of those who leave the site rises to 45% among users between 18 and 34 years old.

But the youngest are also the most likely to gifts of Christmas online made of purchases with smartphones and tablets. Also according to the research, 66% of the mobile generation (smartphone and tablet users aged 18 to 34) will look for or buy gifts of Christmas with their mobile devices and 53% plan to do more shopping online this year compared to last year.

Another fundamental thing for the success of the gifts of Christmas online is the shopping experience. Even a single dissatisfied user is enough to put sales at risk: 29% of smartphone or tablet users who have had a negative experience in online shopping, in fact, will complain about it on social media. So many greetings.

For companies offering e-commerce services, the sale of gifts of Christmas online it will depend on the ability to address the complexity that affects the usability of mobile sites and retailer applications. Since 36% of users will use more than one device to search for or purchase gifts from Christmas, companies that want to sell will need to deliver smooth and intuitive experiences across a variety of devices and browsers.

Going a little into the technological details, but without exaggerating, it must be said that mobile applications have multiple variables, such as carrier latency, signal strength and battery life. Furthermore, many apps are less mature and less tested than their web counterpart. To win the race of Christmas onlineon the supply side, it will be who will have best managed the aspects of what is technically called application performance management.

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