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Learn biodynamic agriculture

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Here is some information on’Biodynamic agriculture and some reading tips for those who want to learn more about the subject. The books, not very easy to find, can also be purchased on the Internet.

L'biodynamic agriculture it is a particular way of working but also of observing, respecting and living the land. It is in fact based on a philosophy of life, as well as on agricultural techniques, in which fertilization, cultivation and breeding are practiced with the deepest respect for the vitality of the soil (considered a living element) and for the typical characteristics of the plant species. and animals.

The 'organic' model of biodynamic agriculture (in which the soil and life and which develops on it are considered a single system) was born from the anthroposophical spiritual vision of the world developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the Austrian thinker who in the pedagogical field inspired the Steiner schools .

Practiced and watched also in Italy with increasing attention by a fair number of small farms, thebiodynamic agriculture bans any use of synthetic mineral fertilizers and chemical pesticides which are replaced by solid farmyard fertilizer, composting plant material for fertilizer, crop rotations, mechanical pest control and pesticides based on mineral and vegetable substances.

Ideal starting point for a production biodynamic is the farm with livestock breeding so as to achieve a closed cycle of production: the animals eat the fodder and cereals produced by the company on fields fertilized with the composted manure produced by those same animals.

Another fixed point ofbiodynamic agriculture it is the respect of the cosmic and lunar cycles for cultivation with codified rules that coincide with the good practices of farmers of the past when they were called to optimize the production of the earth without the support of chemistry.

The intriguing thing aboutbiodynamic agriculture, in addition to the absolute aversion to 'chemical contamination', it is that since its inception has animated a lively debate. In fact, some biodynamic techniques such as 'green manure' are attributed a precise and undisputed scientific basis, others such as the 'manure horn' are considered to be on the verge of magic by non-biodynamic.

A serious guide to the basic practices ofbiodynamic agriculture and the in-depth answer to the most common questions (how to apply the biodynamic method? How to choose the seeds? Which green manure to use? What natural treatments to use) is the Practical manual of biodynamic agriculture. An easy and clear guide for those who want to start practicing or deepen the biodynamic method, written for an audience of professional farmers but easy to read.

To start further away and get to know the history and the knowledge bases of the biodynamic movement, you can read Biodynamic agriculture by Herbet H. Koepf (the latest reprint has been greatly expanded and updated).

With the method ofbiodynamic agriculture wine can also be produced, which is increasingly practiced as evidenced by the flourishing of biodynamic labels. For those interested in this aspect there is The vineyard, the wine and biodynamics, a very interesting book to learn about the other side of viticulture.

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