Cooking with the pressure cooker

Cooking with the pressure cooker

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Cooking with the pressure cooker saves gas and water. After seeing how to cook with the pressure cooker, we will give you some small suggestions both to avoid the most common mistakes of the case, and to perfect your technique pressure cooking.

Cooking with the pressure cooker, the mistakes to avoid

  • Don't overload the pressure cooker
    In cooking with the pressure cooker, never occupy more than 2/3 of the pot's volume with food and never fill more than half the capacity of the pressure cooker with water. In other words, the maximum quantities must be
    -2/3 of food
    -1/2 of water
  • Always use water
    It is true that you must not overdo the quantities, but the opposite is also true! Too little water could affect the pressure cooking. Always use at least 1 cup of liquid for each cooking cycle.
  • Cooking times
    The key to cook well with the pressure cooker is in the timing. Remember, it is always better to cook a little than too much, so turn off the heat 2 minutes earlier than the cooking time indicated by the recipe. Another factor to remember: the harder the cuorece foods are, the longer it will take… on the contrary, the more tender foods (such as vegetables) have very short cooking times.
  • Foods
    For best results, cut food into evenly sized pieces, especially if you are cooking meat: large pieces of meat would require long cooking times.
  • Cook meat with vegetables
    If you want to cook meat (long cooking time), together with potatoes (medium cooking times) and vegetables (short cooking times), proceed to ladder. Insert in pressure cooker first the meat, start cooking, release the pressure by opening the valve and then add the potatoes. Lastly, let the pressure release again and insert the vegetables. This system "stop and go " it is useful for keeping consistency and flavor of any food.

After seeing how to use a pressure cooker, let's take a look at the cooking times for meats, vegetables and greens. Recall that the secret to cook well with the pressure cooker it is given precisely by the right management of times. The cooking times shown are only indicative, a lot depends on how big the pieces are to be cooked.

The chicken meat, in a pressure cooker, cooks in 15 minutes. The vegetables cook in 5 minutes. To cook meats and vegetables together, insert the mazo meat and cook for 10 minutes. Open the valve and let the steam out. Press on the lid handles, lift the lid with a twisting motion and add the vegetables. Wait 5 minutes and turn off the stove. The rice cooks in 5-6 minutes, the asparagus in 4 minutes, the cabbage takes about 6 minutes to cook while the fresh beans 15 minutes. We remind you that the cooking times with the pressure cooker are calculated from when the valve emits that vigorous hiss.

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