Succulents in the house: care and advice

Succulents in the house: care and advice

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How to take care of succulents at home: when to water succulents, which are the best to keep at home and how to care for them.

The succulents in the house they can be an excellent piece of furniture. The succulents in the house they grow well in any pot at least four inches deep that has at least one hole in the bottom for drainage.

How to take care of succulents at home

Most of the succulent plants they are content to spend their time in direct sunlight,in hometherefore, it is better to expose them to the south. In winter the fat plants they should never be left on the balcony to prevent the rain from damaging them.

If you don't have windows facing south, choose a very bright place.

The succulents for houseplants they are really numerous. Before choosing the succulents to keep at home based on their beauty, it is better to make this choice based on the needs required by this plant variety.

For example, if you live in the north of Italy or want to place succulents in unheated loicals, it is better to choose cold-resistant succulents, while if you live in a temperate place and you have a veranda with a generous window facing south. you can choose succulents according to the decor of your home, without temperature restrictions.

Note: with the necessary exceptions, almost all succulents tolerate cold but not all tolerate humidity. Some succulents manage to thrive even at temperatures much lower than zero, however they do not resist our climate due to the abundant rainfall typical of the winter season. That said, you will understand, that you can grow any succulent plant indoors!

What are the succulents to keep at home

Beauty is an extremely subjective factor. Our invitation is always to choose the fat plants to keep in home based on the specific needs of this plant variety, however, we offer you our very personal ranking which sees the Lithops, very small living stones, in first place.

Schlumbergera, also called Christmas cactus

It is called Schlumbergera and is appreciated for its flowering. It only irrigates in summer but making sure that the first two centimeters of soil dry out completely between one irrigation and the next.

It's about a fat plant beautiful but extremely delicate: it must be fertilized three times between the end of summer and the autumn period, it wants a high light exposure, it grows well at a temperature of 15 ° C but does not tolerate temperatures below 10 ° C.

Euphorbia milli, also known as Crown of Thorns

Originally from Madagascar, the fat plant Euphorbia milli blooms all year round if it has enough light available. Exposed to direct sunlight, the blooms will be more abundant. Since all "Euphorbia" succulents contain a sap that irritates the skin, wash your hands thoroughly after implantation.

Crassula ovata, the jade plant

If the leaves lose their original shine, give fertilizer. They are perfect to hold in home, especially if placed in a terracotta pot that guarantees good air circulation.

Other succulents to grow indoors?

  • Agave
  • Aeonium
  • Aloe vera
  • Echeveria
  • Mammilaria

In practice it is possible to grow all the cacti at home, it is enough just to ensure the right care for the plants.

When to water succulents indoors

It is not easy to answer this question: much depends on the exposure of the plant and the amount of humidity in the house. For example, if the plant is placed near a south-facing window and you constantly have active air conditioners, irrigation may be necessary every 3 - 4 days.

On the contrary, if the air in the house is humid and the plant is placed in a bright place, a slight weekly wetting may be enough.

How to understandwhen to water the plants at home?To understand when to water succulents indoors, look at the soil, when it is completely dry, wet it! If the air is very dry, some occasional nebulization may be necessary, especially in winter when the radiators are on or in summer if the plant is placed near a south-facing window.

To irrigate succulents without remorse, it is good to use earthenware pots that allow good transpiration but, above all, it is advisable to prepare a draining layer on the bottom of the pot. What is a drainage layer? It is a level made up of material that DOES NOT retain water but leaves itdrainfrom the drain hole of the pot. Green light for pieces of ceramic or earthenware, gravel or the classic expanded clay.

At the bottom of the pot, lay out a 2-3 cm layer of a drainage material (gravel, clay, or pieces of an old broken pot).

You don't just have to askwhen to water succulents indoorsbut also"How to irrigate them"… That is, with what water! Those who live in areas where the water is very calcareous would do well to use rainwater, distilled water (obtained from the air conditioner) or acidified water!

Fertilizer for succulents

Fortreat succulents at homefertilizations are necessary. The fertilization period varies according to the plant. Generally, if the plant blooms between spring and summer, fertilizing should begin in spring. A second potassium-based fertilization is then carried out in autumn to protect the succulents from the cold (if they are kept in unheated rooms or on the balcony).

Conversely, if the succulent plant blooms in winter (such as the Christmas cactus), fertilization begins between late esthete and early autumn. Let's face it right away: it's not easy to prepare ahomemade fertilizer for succulents. Plants need various elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese, boron, copper, zinc, iron, cobalt…). A homemade fertilizer for succulents it may be lacking one or more elements. For this reason, we advise you to buy a specific fertilizer to be administered when necessary.

Among the various fertilizers for succulents, we point out a very balanced formulation. The producer recommends applying the fertilizer once a week… in fact, it is enough to fertilize succulents indoors once a month starting in spring.

The product is super-concentrated, so 5 ml of fertilizer are enough for every liter of water, to ensure optimal fertilization. For all the info on the product mentioned, we refer you to the official Amazon page: Semillas Battle. The 400 ml bottle can be bought with 11.96 euros and free shipping costs.

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