The AnalogOne.One wooden bike

The AnalogOne.One wooden bike

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We have spoken several times ofwooden bike and the splendid AnalogOne.One is one of them .. Lewooden bicyclesthey can boast performances comparable to those of the most technological carbon fiber bikes. Thewoodit is a light and resistant material, with the right precautions it also absorbs shocks well and so thewoodcan become the perfect material for the production ofbicycles.

The excellent properties of wood are no secret, so high-end manufacturers offer professional bicycle lines with frames made entirely of wood. When it comes towooden bikethere is no shortage of high design proposals or handcrafted products, as is the case with the beautifulwooden bikeAnalogOne.One.


The AnalogOne.One is onewooden bikefinely carved, made to measure so as to fully satisfy the physical needs of the most demanding cyclist. ThereAnalogOne.One wooden bikewas designed by Grainworks designer Mike Pecsok.

With the handcrafted bicycles every cyclist can conquer his very personal standard. ThereAnalogOne.One wooden bikeit is not the only onehandcrafted bicyclewe talked about: the Axalko road bike is artisanaland made of wood, it weighs only 6.5 kg and is robust enough to withstand all the traction exerted by road driving.

Ahandcrafted bikes, by its nature, it is a unique piece, eachbikeit is specific to its owner and no two are alike. Therewooden bikeAxalko craftsmanship costs approximately 4,200 euros while the price of thebikehandcrafted by Mike Pecsok of Grainworks amounts to a few extra coins: about 4,400 euros for the basic model. Yes, AnalogOne.One has a basic model up to a sort of "full optional "where the end customer has the right to choose all the customizations he prefers and the best equipment.


For thewooden bikeAxalko craftsmanship the choice of frame isobligedto ash wood while with AnalogOne.One the end user can decide the type of wood, the application of some decoration (a logo, a particular engraving ...) and the quality of transmission and mechanical components.

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