Auris Hybrid, opinions and road tests

Auris Hybrid, opinions and road tests

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Auris Hybrid Opinions: forums, blogs, authoritative portals ... they all speak very highly ofAuris Hybridby Toyota. Its strong points seem to be linked precisely to the hybrid drive which would dictate very low consumption even if it is the modelstation wagon, L'Auris Toyring Sports Hybrid.

Until now, those who wanted to save on consumption did not choose a petrol car but opted for diesel. With the advent of hybrid cars, a change of course is taking place: you can also save on consumption by buying a car equipped with a 4-cylinder petrol engine, a naturally aspirated 1800.


When it comes to hybrid drive and electric powertrains there is no shortage of skeptics but it must be said that theopinionsof car owners are very positive, especially when it comes to consumption. The engine ofHybrid Aurisit is a 4-cylinder petrol engine but associated with an electric engine with a range of 2 km: what makes the difference is the electric unit that supports the power of the thermal engine, increasing its efficiency.

Auris Hybrid Try
The road test ofAuris Hybridit returned consumption very similar to those declared by the Japanese car manufacturer and with a more careful driving it is also possible to equal them. The displacement of the engine does not compromise efficiency at all; road holding is excellent thanks, among other things, to the new lowered set-up. Among the driving experiences reported by users who already own the car, it is noted that when driving theHybrid Auris there is one thing the motorist is not used to: the regeneration of electric accumulators that occurs during deceleration and braking.


When you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, the engine stops delivering power to the front wheels by diverting it to the electrical unit: the engine becomes an energy generator to be stored in the storage units.

It should be noted that hybrid cars, in some regions of Italy, to name a few, Lombardy, Piedmont and Trentino, do not pay the road tax, can circulate in limited traffic areas using the Eco mode and are exempt from paying parking.

Auris Hybrid price
The Auris Hybrid Active ECO (entry model with hybrid engine) has a list price of 23,450 euros which, with the Toyota promo, drops to 19,450 euros.

Among the Active Eco, Active + and Lounge versions, the equipment changes but not the engine: the hybrid engine remains a 1.8 HSD Full Hybrid E-CVT with a power of 136 HP.

L'Hybrid Auris it is also available in a station wagon version with the Auris Touring Sports Hybrid where the entry model (Active Eco) has a list price of 24,350 euros which, with Toyota incentives, drops to 20,350 euros. The engine of the Auris Toyring Sports Hybrid is the same as the sedan.


Auris Hybrid consumptionactual
The Toyring Sport version which offers a large trunk and space for 5 people, with automatic gearbox and additional electric motor, offers effective fuel consumption of only 4.25 liters per 100 km (23.53 km / l), fuel consumption drops again along the way extra-urban, only 3.8 liters of petrol to travel 100 km. Consumption ofAuris Hybridmore compact are slightly lower.

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