How much water to drink per day: tables and indications

How much water to drink per day: tables and indications

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How much water to drink per day based on weightand other factors to consider. Advice on the amount of water to take during the day, to lose weight, to combat cellulite or more simply to ensure the functions of the body. How much water should babies and children drink.

If you are wonderinghow much water to drinkduring the day, know that there is no universal answer. Much depends on the motor activity carried out during the day, as well as the weight of the individual who is asking himself this question. Today we will try to tell youhow much water to drink per dayproposing the parameters and standards that emerged from the reports of theInternational Bottled Water Association (IBWA)

According to IBWA reports, we must drink as much water as required by our body weight in correspondence with the physical activity carried out during the day. The estimate that we propose uses, as a unit of measurement, the "glass". A glass is calculated to be about 220 grams.

How many glasses of water to drink per day

Generally speaking, it can be said that those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, needs to drinking9 glasses of water a day.
Those who follow moderate / medium physical activity, should ideally take between 10 and 11 glasses of water.
Those who carry out intense physical activity will have to get to drinking almost 14 glasses of water a day.

How much water to drink based on weight

In detail, let's see what the IBWA report tells us based on body weight. Recall that our unit of measurement, also used by the IBWA, is "a glass of water" which is equivalent to 220 ml of water.

Reference weight: 52 kg
Who leads a sedentary lifestylemust drink,a day, 9 glasses of water. The glasses go up to 10 if you do intense physical activity.

Reference weight: 57 kg
Also in this case, we start from a base of 9 glasses of water for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The glasses become 10 for moderate physical activity and 11 for those who perform intense physical activity.

Reference weight: 68 kg to 79 kg
It starts from 9.5 glasses of water a day and reaches 11.5 glasses of water if you do a lot of physical activity. These estimates remain unchanged up to 79 kg.

Reference weight: 80 kg
Those who weigh around 80 kg will have to start with a base of 9 and a half glasses. The glasses of water to drink during the day, for those who practice an average motor activity, are 10.5 while athletes should drink 12.5.

Reference weight: 90 kg
It starts with 9 and a half glasses for those who lead a sedentary life. You get to have 11 glasses of water a day if you conduct moderate physical activity and almost 14 glasses of water if you engage in intense physical activity.

After having clarificationhow much water to drinkper day based on weight, let's see, in short,why drinking water is important:

  • Water favors the elimination of waste substances from the body.
  • 75% of the lean mass is made up of water as well drink water promotes muscle development directly and indirectly (by antagonizing the effect of cortisol).
  • It gives shape and stiffness to the fabrics: it is evident even with the skin!
  • Promotes adequate lubrication of the joints through the production of synovial fluid.

How much water to drink to lose weight

Bad news for those who intend to lose weight by drinking lots of water: water does not make you lose weight! It is true that drinking water favors the elimination of toxins and therefore can help you eliminate thecellulite, however, the intake of water has no slimming effect.

Low sodium water counteracts water retention, it can helplose weightgiving you a momentary feeling of fullness but which is destined to disappear within a short time. If you want to use water as an anti-hunger remedy, take advantage of sparkling water which can give you a sense of additional bloating in the stomach because it contains a small percentage of carbon dioxide. Don't worry, water never makes you fat, not even sparkling water!

How much water to drink with kidney stones

Mineral water, sparkling or natural, rich in calcium, is also good for stones. Drinking water rich in calcium (particularly suitable for children) is useful for those suffering from kidney stones. The calcium oxalate that forms kidney stones is not introduced due to an excess of calcium in the diet on the contrary: a diet low in calcium stimulates the intestinal absorption of oxalate, increasing the risk of kidney stones.

Drink little water, what happens to our body

Drink a little waterinvolves various risks for our body. When the water balance is negative, a state of dehydration is faced with repercussions on the entire body. The water balance is negative when the water we consume is less than the water that comes out of our body.

The stimulus of thirst, unfortunately, decreases with age until it is almost completely absent in the elderly, for this reason it is better for drinking to become a habit and not to wait for "thirst". It will be enough to lose only 1.5% of water from our body to notice the first symptoms of dehydration. In conclusion,drink little waternot a good idea at all! Here are the first symptoms of dehydration:

  • Urine color
    If your pee is clear, it means that you drink the right amount of water, on the contrary, if it is very full or even brownish, it could be a symptom of a lack of fluids.
  • Headache
    A dehydrated body undergoes a phenomenon known ashypoperfusion, that is, a reduction in blood flow in the brain and heart. If you have trouble concentrating and have a headache, dehydration could be one of the causes.
  • Bad breath
    If you are dehydrated, your salivation decreases and bad breath appears.
  • Constipation
    Poor hydration can cause constipation. Our colon absorbs water every day for the expulsion of feces, if you are dehydrated you may experience constipation.

What water to drink

After seeinghow much water to drinkand the consequences for whomdrink little water, let's talk about water quality: not all waters are the same! You should drink water low in sodium and rich in calcium. Inpregnancywater with iron, calcium and a low fixed residue should be preferred. For all information, please refer to the pageWhat water to drink.

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