Australia's most dangerous animals

Australia's most dangerous animals

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Our column onmost dangerous animals in the worlddivided by continents continues. Today we will see which are theAustralia's most dangerous animals but in previous appointments we have already seen:
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The most dangerous animals in Australia

# 10 The Funnel Web Spider
These spiders are very similar to tarantulas, have dark colors and can be encountered with particular frequency on the eastern coasts of Australia, in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland. They have sharp teeth with large poisonous glands that can penetrate nails or even shoes. The cure consists in using the antidote.

# 9 The White Shark
Known as the White Death, the White Shark takes home another record, that of the largest predator in the world. They can be found along the southern coasts of Australia and, although depicted as ferocious animals, they are not very dangerous for humans.

# 8 The Tiger Snake
It can be found in the southern regions of Australia. Although the antidote is readily available, the mortality rate is around 45% as the bite must be treated for a long time. It is a protected species and any action against this animal can lead to a fine of AU $ 4,000.

# 7 The Pseudonaja
Known as the most venomous creature on the continent, the pseudonaja is a brown snake that can lead to death within a short time.

# 6 The Red Back Spider
The Red-Backed Spider possesses a poison that enters thousands of people every year. Fortunately, deaths are rare: only 20% of victims require special care.

# 5 The stonefish
The Stone Fish lives in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef and the Tropic of Capricorn. In the dorsal part it contains a poison that can cause shock, paralysis and death.

# 4 The Blue Ring Octopus
The Blue Ringed Octopus is one of the most dangerous sea creatures in the world. In addition to the coasts of Australia, it can be found in Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea and other areas of the globe. The octopus is about the size of a golf ball but there is no known antidote for its potent venom.

# 3 Saltwater Crocodile
Just on the podium of themost dangerous animals in Australiawe find the saltwater crocodile. It can reach a length of up to 5.45 meters. He lives in Thailand, Vietnam and northern Australia. Their favorite meal consists of a water buffalo but very often they also attack humans. They move at breakneck speed!

# 2 The Taipan
The Taipan is a large, fast and very poisonous snake. It is counted among the most poisonous snakes in the world. Its color is brown and is often found in sugar fields where it feeds on rats and other rodents. She keeps away from people but several cases of attacks have been documented.

# 1 Box Jellyfish
The box jellyfish is one of the most dangerous and lethal animals for humans. It populates the coast along the Great Barrier Reef. It is known as the "cube-jellyfish" and has an extremely powerful poison: the stings are terribly painful and often fatal.

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