How to boil potatoes in a pressure cooker

How to boil potatoes in a pressure cooker

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How to cook potatoes in a pressure cooker: boiled potatoes and steamed potatoes. How to boil potatoes in a pressure cooker in a traditional way or with the steaming using the sealed chamber of the pressure cooker.

I think everyone knows how boil the potatoes in a saucepan conventional… probably!

If you have come here, it is because you do not know how to cook potatoes in a pressure cooker, maybe you still don't know how to regulate the amount of water and cooking times in the pressure cooker ... but don't worry, it's all very simple. A few notions will suffice forcook the potatoes in a pressure cookerplus, with the pressure cooker it is possibleboil the potatoesor cook themsteam powered.

Thesteamed potatoes, in my opinion, they are tastier. The steaming method is healthier: micronutrients are not dispersed in the liquid because the food does not come into direct contact with water. In practice, the steam cooking method preserves the nutritional properties of foods and also their flavor. Let's proceed gradually, let's deal with firsthow to make boiled potatoes in a pressure cooker.

How to boil potatoes in a pressure cooker

To shorten the time of cooking potatoes in a pressure cooker, you should peel the potatoes and cut them into evenly sized cubes.

  1. Wash the potatoes to be boiled well, peel and cut them. Enter the potatoes to be cooked in the pressure cooker.
  2. Add in pressure cooker three glasses of water, make sure that the water added has not exceeded the limit indicated on the edges of the same pot.
  3. Close the pressure cooker well with the appropriate lid.
  4. Place the saucepan over high heat.
  5. When the valve hisses causing steam to escape, lower the heat and from this moment calculate 8 minutes of cooking for potatoes already cut into cubes. Increase to 15 minutes if you used small whole potatoes, still with the skin.
  6. After the time has elapsed, turn off the flame and raise the valve cap, letting all the steam escape.
  7. When the steam has finished, the lid can be opened.

Boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker

The advantages of using thepressure cookerthey are many. First of all, there is a considerable saving of time and water. To boil the potatoes with a traditional pot, it would have taken, on average, at least 35 minutes.

Thepotatoesfromboilthey can be placed in the pressure cooker already peeled or simply well brushed and washed.

Remember, that before cook the potatoes in a pressure cooker, it would be better to remove any buds or black spots with a knife.

Cooking times for potatoes in a pressure cooker

The cooking times indicated in our guide are 15 minutes and refer to the cooking of whole potatoes.

If you wantboil the potatoesalready cut into cubes, the times decrease in proportion to the size of the pieces obtained: the smaller the potato pieces, the less time it will take to cook. For potatoes of 4 cm square it will take less than 10 minutes, 8 minutes should be enough.

Steam the potatoes in the pressure cooker

The only way to cook potatoes in the pressure cooker is not toboil them:with the pressure cooker you can also practice the steaming, even healthier because the food (in this case potatoes) does not come into direct contact with liquids but only with the steam that is created in the pressure chamber.

For steam potatoes in the pressure cooker you need a special basket.

The baskets for the steam cooking in a pressure cookerthey are easy to find on the market and also very cheap. Make sure you buy a basket that is the right size for yourspressure cooker.

Among the best baskets available on the market, I would like to point out those from Lagostina. They can be consideredbestfor in stainless steel wire, extremely resistant and dishwasher safe. For all the details on the products mentioned, please visit the official pages:

  • Stainless steel wire basket for pressure cookers with a diameter of 22 cm
  • Steel grid basket for pressure cooker with a diameter of 22 cm

The price depends on the model chosen, but generally on Amazon the Lagostina baskets are offered at prices ranging from 15 to 25 euros with free shipping costs. We have reported two models for pressure cookers with a diameter of 22 cm but they exist for each size.

How to use the steamer basket in a pressure cooker

In both types of basket indicated (there is a closed type on the side and one completely flush) the foods cook in the same way: place two glasses of water on the bottom of the pot and insert the basket that already contains the food ready for there steaming.

Once the pressure in the closed pot is reached (therefore since you hear the whistle), the steam will envelop the food contained (in our case the steaming potatoes), cooking in a very short time and without using fat.

The cooking times are indicatively those already seen previously. Steaming in the pressure cooker manages to preserve the flavors and texture of all foods, not onlypotatoes.

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