Save on air conditioning

Save on air conditioning

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The heat of the summer months is getting closer and like every year i air conditioners they will help us to adjust the temperature of the rooms in which we live at will, keeping away heat and humidity.

After a day of work, in most cases, the "trauma" awaits us when we return home where no one was able to start the air conditioning during our absence, making us find a "tropical temperature".

The option of leaving the air conditioning on for the whole day is increasingly abandoned, due to the high costs we would incur on the electricity bill and, fortunately, also for an environmentalist conscience against waste that finally begins to make its way even among Italians.

The most effective and efficient solution is instead to have a air conditioner with "remote monitoring" function that we can easily control via our smartphone, our tablet or our PC.

Among the companies with the most advanced technology I am pleased to report Mitsubishi than with the innovative Remote Monitoring Interface (RMI) allows complete control and monitoring of the air conditioner, making all the information we need accessible in real time including: temperature detection and trend, electricity consumption, power and status of the air conditioner to report any malfunctions.

Here is a screenshot of some of the information made available by the Mitsubishi's RMI control panel:

Due to its multiple functions, the Mitsubishi RMI system is suitable for both residential users and commercial establishments up to users of large air conditioning systems.

From a technical point of view, the RMI system uses Cloud Computing, a technology that allows you to interface with the system through a simple but also protected Internet connection, while safeguarding the system and customer data from non-controlled access via connection secure VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The application for smartphones and tablets to save on air conditioning through remote monitoring is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

In this video you can enjoy some screenshots of the App and understand the logic of the product:

For more information on Mitsubishi air conditioning systems with Remote Monitoring functionality, you can visit the official website

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