How to get rid of cockroaches permanently

How to get rid of cockroaches permanently

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How to keep cockroaches away:natural repellents eremediesto eliminate the problem of cockroaches in the house. From DIY traps to effective natural insecticides.

Cockroaches have the ability to enter the house very easily, ruining our existence! For move away the hated Beatles we do not necessarily have to resort to chemicals, which are very harmful to the environment and human health. Before resorting to the use of insecticides, it is best to try to get rid of cockroaches with natural methods.

THE natural remedies to keep cockroaches away they are completely harmless and under certain conditions they can be very effective, even more than the classic spray diffusion insecticides. On this page we will explainhow to keep cockroaches away with natural methods and effective.

Cockroaches or cockroaches

The cockroaches that find their natural habitat in the urban environment and in homes, are omnivores, in practice they eat everything, so the first rule is hygiene. Try to eliminate any organic residue from the floor and surfaces of the house.

Eliminate cockroaches by solving the root problem

The first thing to do for drive away cockroachesfrom home consists in identifying their preferential entrance to access our domestic spaces. To discover the entrance of cockroaches, look at walls, baseboards and any perimeter barrier: cockroaches creep into even the smallest cracks: follow their path to locate access to the house and their nest.

Once this is done, immediately remove the access road or their nest. To be more practical, you can go and fill all the cracks in the walls with ready-to-use putty, even the hidden ones: check behind the sink, on the wall where the kitchen rests but also along the access perimeter of the plumbing pipes and electrical power outlets.

Closing the cracks on the walls is a fundamental step to solve the problem of cockroaches and cockroaches in the house, it is also useful to prevent the invasions of other insects that can live in the home environment such as silverfish or ants, both prey of the Beatles. Arm yourself with a spatula and choose an excellent filler putty. Ready-to-use putty is not very expensive: on Amazon a 900-gram pack can be bought for € 14.94, with free shipping. For all information on the product, please refer to the official Amazon page: ready-to-use filler putty.

Cockroaches from the pipes or in the sink?

It is possible, in this case you can perform a treatment with caustic soda.

Cockroaches love crumbs and food scraps, so the nest may be somewhere in your kitchen. In addition to eliminating any cracks, beware of your pantry: seal any food in airtight jars and do not leave organic leftovers in the house! The cockroaches feed on any residues of an organic nature: ban on crumbs, starchy foods and any food.

How do cockroaches get into the house?

Cracks, drainage channels and water networks are not the only access channels for Beatles. The cockroaches they can besiege the house even with a more comfortable way: you yourself invited them by carrying boxes or products stored in warehouses infested with cockroaches. The female beetle lays from 4 to 22 oothecae, structures about one centimeter long containing from 8 to 16 cockroach eggs.

By bringing home a box containing up to 22 ootecas, you accidentally let in from 176 to 352 cockroaches! Creepy right? So check the pantry and discard any foodstuffs that are contaminated or purchased from risky stores. The photo below shows a female laying, in the terminal area of ​​the body you can see the ootheca; even if the insect in the image is not a common beetle, the ootheca is very similar. Shown in the photo is a winged cockroach, scientifically known asPeriplaneta fuliginosa.

How to get rid of cockroaches with natural methods

To avoid their appearance, you need to follow some important recommendations:

  • Keep the kitchen clean
    no dirty dishes in the sink, throw out the garbage often and store food in airtight containers preferably not made of aluminum, the perfect material is glass.
  • Windows and interior cracks
    Plug all the cracks as explained in the previous paragraph, also do not keep the windows open in spring and summer, unless they are protected by a mosquito net.
  • Cracks and external cracks
    Grout all the cracks in the external cladding and in the cornice, all the small cracks around the doors, the shelves fixed to the walls, the wall cabinets, the pipes, the sinks and the drains in the bathroom ... house as well as on the external perimeter walls.
  • Piping
    Make a deep groove of domestic pipes and cracks that allow the pipes of any system to enter the house.

How to keep cockroaches away, DIY trap

You can prepare two different types of traps to eliminate cockroaches,one with glue and the other with boric acid.

For the firsttrap do it yourself versus cockroaches and cockroaches, you need a glass or plastic container, plastic trays to recycle are also good. Once you have obtained the container, you just have to prepare the bait which can be made with different ingredients.

Trap to catch cockroaches

1) Put a few teaspoons of peanut butter or raisins sprinkled with fat (preferably of animal origin, such as lard) and glue on the bottom of the container. In this way, the cockroaches will be attracted to the bait and will remain trapped intrap do it yourself.

What glue to use to make a cockroach trap?
Just any contact glue, for convenience you can choose a "bostik superchiaro" type product, also available on Amazon at the price of € 4.69 for the small bottle and € 7.69 for the large one, for all the information I refer you to the page “Bostik superchiaro su Amazon“. If you have contact glue at home (to be clear, the ones you would use to glue plastic or even leather supports) you can use that!

Trap to kill cockroaches

The second DIY trap is lethal, if in the first case you limit yourself to catching cockroaches in the house, in this you poison them. Alternatively, in fact, you can prepare one trap do it yourselfwith balls of white flour, peanut butter and boric acid: the cockroach is attracted to the taste of the ball but the boric acid will kill it.

Please note, on the web there are instructions for preparing traps with sugar-based baits, nothing more wrong: over the years scaraggi have developed a sort of aversion to sugar precisely because the most common baits and traps (even those you find in trade) are made from glucose. Conversely, peanut butter and lard work as bait precisely because they do not contain glucose.

There is a third option that works as a natural repellent and not as a trap, in practice this is the way to go for those who do not want to kill cockroaches at home but just want to keep them away.

This third option consists in making a mixture of bay leaves and cucumber: The binomial "laurel and cucumber" acts as natural repellentagainst theBeatlesand thecockroaches, the strong smell will keep insects away without necessarily killing them.

Chemicals and insecticides against cockroaches in the home

We do not recommend the use of insecticides e chemical remedies for cockroaches in the home: in a domestic environment, toxic products should never be used. It is called "insecticide" but it does not only harm "insects", these substances exert a toxic action on any living organism, of course, for insects they are lethal but do not have a positive impact on human health. Indirect (or involuntary) targets of insecticides are higher animals (such as dogs, cats, birds, and other pets), so beware of pets or very young children in the house, who often play with their hands on the floor.

Use insecticides only when othersnatural remedies to eliminate cockroaches and cockroacheswere not enough or if the infestation is such that it is considered appropriate to use it: it is one thing to see a cockroach every now and then, it is quite another to find yourself, at night, with the kitchen floor infested with several specimens of cockroaches. In case of cockroach infestations, in fact, i natural remedies to remove themand theDIY traps may not be enough. In these circumstances it might be useful to sprinkle wheat flour mixed with 1% or 2% sodium fluoride or chlorine derivatives such as gammesane. This procedure is only recommended if you can be away from home.

With some tricks you can use specific insecticides for cockroaches and cockroaches, to mention some products that use effective active ingredients, I refer you to the pages:

  • K-Othrine AL-based insecticide
    Price: € 9.35
  • Gel insecticide based on Imidacloprid (recommended)
    Price: € 18.99

Cockroaches in the condominium

If you live in a condominium and have problems with cockroaches in the house or have spotted several in the common areas, immediately notify the administrator who will have to check the homes and common areas and implement pest control plans.

Cockroaches, natural repellents

TheBeatlesthey can be removed, in addition to the binomial "laurel and cucumber", also from other natural repellents such as: catnip, tansy, essential oil of garlic and essential oil of rosemary. Place these natural repellents near doors and windows. If you follow our tips fordrive away cockroaches, you will most likely be able to do without chemical insecticides.

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