World wind day

World wind day

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ThereWorld wind dayis an international event that is celebrated every year on June 15, the month in which global dependence on fossil fuels grows. Thereworld wind day is aimed at promoting the development ofwind energyall over the planet.

To date, most of the events related to World wind day, were held in the Old Continent, testifying to the European leadership in the market ofwind power. The wind sector is seeing a slow change of course in favor of the Asian markets.

The firstWorld wind daywas celebrated on June 15, 2007 and coordinated by the EWEA, European Wind Energy Association and the GWEC, Global Wind Energy Council, through a dense network of partners.

Events related toWorld wind day, are conventions, conferences but also visits to onshore and offshore wind farms, organized by the companies themselves. There is no shortage of information campaigns, workshops, demonstrations and themed debates.

On the occasion of theworld wind day, ANEV (National Wind Energy Association) summed up by bringing to light accurate data on the wind situation in Italy. Until recently, Italy was on the podium of the largest wind energy producers in Europe and in the world. Today, despite being in seventh place in the global wind market, it has suffered a severe blow linked to a drastic drop in investments in renewables with a consequent fall in new installations. Specifically, our country occupies seventh place, after China, the United States, Germany, Spain, India and Great Britain.

Wind power in Italy
The latest wind farms built in Italy reach a total of only 0.4 GW, compared to the 1.3 GW added in 2012. To negatively affect the wind sector in Italy, were the scarce investments in the renewable sector, which fell last year by 75% after the halving suffered in 2012.

Just in view of theworld wind day, ANEV coordinated the conference "Wind power how to achieve the European goals by 2030 between false myths and concrete facts" by making certain proposals to the European Union:
In Italy, wind power alone creates a financial flow of approximately 3.5 billion euros each year between direct and indirect investments; today has over 34,000 employees and with adequate growth, it could reach over 67,000 employees in 2020. To achieve these objectives it is essential to raise the target of 27% more renewables by 2030 proposed by the European Commission and make it binding for individuals. Member states.

Wind power in the world
Analyzing the world panorama, Asia chases Europe currently at 37%, holding a share of 36% of the total installed power. Of the 117 GW installed in Europe, most come from offshore wind. Consider that over 93% of the energy produced worldwide by marine wind farms is generated off the European coasts. The UK holds the largest share, accounting for 52% alone and holding the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

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