Apricot jam, classic recipe and variations

Apricot jam, classic recipe and variations

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Apricot jam, here is the classic recipe and the many variations ready to taste: sugar-free apricot jam, with peaches, apples or lavender.

Tasty, digestible and low in calories, the apricots they have important nutritional properties thanks to the high content of vitamin A and vitamin C in addition to the high availability of potassium and vegetable fibers.

If you like apricots and don't want to give up their taste all year round, it might be a good idea to prepare a supply of homemade jam. There Apricot jamit is simple and quick to prepare, also suitable for those who have never worked hard in the kitchen. In this regard, here how to make apricot jam following ours recipe step by step.

With a kilo of apricots, how much jam do I get?

Generally, with a kg of apricots you get 2 jars of jam of 250 grams or a jar of 500 grams.

Homemade apricot jam

In this firstrecipewe do not give you the doses… we are not crazy! We do this because theapricotsthey are very sweet and those who prefer could get onejam with a little sugaror even prepare a very sweet onesugar-free apricot jam.

  • Organic ripe apricots
  • sugar (optional)
  • Airtight glass jars
  • Untreated lemon(optional)

Low sugar, no sugar or classic recipe?

To give you parameters to adjust with the doses of the ingredients we tell you that, oneApricot jamclassical it is prepared with 250 grams of sugar for every kg of apricots you use. Those who want an exaggeratedly sweet jam usually use 500 grams but I do not recommend it because the apricot flavor is excessively altered by the sugar!

For a more natural flavor, the use of sugar is not recommended. Just use ripe apricots and that's it! You will get onesugar-free jam jamwith a unique and natural flavor (my favorite).

For aapricot jam with a little sugar, just lower the dose indicated initially and use 100 grams of sugar for every kilogram of apricots used.

How to make apricot jam

In this recipe, we will advise you not to peel the apricots. Who wants to get oneconsistencysmoother and smoother, easier to spread, at the end of the process you will have to blend the jam obtained before pouring it into the jars.

  1. Wash the apricots well and cut them into small pieces, removing the stones but without peeling them. In the peel of the fruit there is pectin, a substance that acts as a natural thickener.
  2. Take another pot and pour in the apricot pieces, the juice and grated lemon zest, add a cup of water and boil over very low heat for a few minutes, gradually removing the foam that forms on the surface.
  3. When the water begins to boil, add the sugar little by little in the quantity you have chosen.
  4. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon, keeping the pot over low heat.
  5. As soon as the mixture becomes homogeneous and consistent, pour it into the sterilized jars. The jam will have to cook until it begins to slowly slip off the spoon.
  6. Close the jars and put them back in the water to repeat the sterilization process.
  7. Then take the jars, dry them and put them to cool in a cool and dark place but not in the fridge.

Here is your apricot jam ready to be enjoyed.

Apricot and apple jam, peaches or ...

The procedure remains roughly the same, only the ingredients change. In the case of theapricot and apple jam, you can use:

- 2 kg of ripe apricots,
- 4 large apples,
- the juice and zest of a lemon.

As for the apricot and peach jam:

- 1 kg of apricots
- 1 kg of peaches
- the juice and zest of a lemon

My favorite is the apricot and orange jam recipe. It is important to peel the citrus fruit and remove the "white" part. Also in these cases, for sugar, respect the guidelines seen above.

Apricot and lavender jam

For therecipe of apricot and lavender jamthe ingredients provided are:

  • 1 kg of apricots
  • 4 sprigs of lavender

To prepare the apricot and lavender jam, the sprigs of lavender should be closed in a colander / infuser and left to soak among the apricots that are cooking over low heat. It is possible to put the sprigs of lavender even without the infuser, but then you risk finding yourself with a jam with lavender residues inside. Personally, I don't mind seeing fragments of lavender inflorescences, but in any case when using the jam they must be discarded and not swallowed ... they don't taste good!

Lavender can be used to add a touch of fragrance to any jam made with summer fruit.

How long can homemade jam be kept?

The jars can be stored for one year. If they are opened, they should be consumed within 10 days. Do not forget to affix the label with the production date .... And always choose organic fruit for your jams!

How to sterilize jam jars?

Pour some water into a high pot and wait for it to boil, at which point immerse the jars for about 10 minutes: this is a sterilization process necessary to prevent mold or worse toxic substances from developing. If you have a microwave, you can follow the guidehow to sterilize jars in the microwave.

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