How to take care of the lawn in the summer

How to take care of the lawn in the summer

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How to take care of the lawn in the summer: turf maintenance works thicken during the summer season, especially when themeadowit is not homogeneous and the need for re-sowing takes over.

How to take care of the lawn in the summer, cutting
In the summer months, for non-irrigated lawns, the frequency of cuts decreases and can reach an intervention every 10-15 days. Also for themeadowsequipped with an irrigation system, the cutting frequency drops: high temperatures slow down the growth of micro-thermal species such as Lolium, Poa, Festuca ... Only if it is a cool and rainy summer will the cutting work be intensified.

For macrotherms such asCynodon, Zoysia, Paspalum and Stenataphrum, growth does not stop even in the presence of high temperatures.

To help themeadowto overcome the summer without repercussions, it is better to increase the cutting height by about 30% in order to protect theseedling collarfrom the sun. Only when the temperatures have decreased (in mid-September in the north and mid-October in the center-south) will it be possible to re-adopt the spring cut. All the advice on correct turf cutting is available in our guide article "How to mow the lawn ".

How to take care of the lawn in the summer, irrigation
The indications should follow latitude and climatic trends, indicatively it is advisable to irrigate every 4-5 days, administering 30-35 liters of water for each square meter. From mid-September, the frequency and quantity can be reduced by irrigating every 5-7 days and administering 15-20 liters of water per square meter. We remind you to irrigate after sunset so as to limit the dispersion of water through evaporation.

How to take care of the lawn in the summer, fertilization
The fertilizations must be resumed in September in order to support the vegetative growth of the first autumn months. Among the recommended fertilizers we mention theNitrophoska Gold or the Floranid Rasen,the sales packages are equipped with a small dispenser in order to facilitate administration. It is fertilized after cutting and then irrigated, in order: the lawn is cut, fertilized, watered.

How to take care of the lawn in the summer,resow
If any area of ​​themeadowis damaged, in September you can continue with the resowing. In the area affected by damage, work the soil to a depth of about 6-8 cm, bury peat or soil in quantities of 2-3 kg per square meter, finely chop the clods, finally level the soil with a roller. Only at this point will it be possible to sow, possibly using the same mixture used at the time for the construction of the turf. The seeds should be covered with a thickness of 0.3-0.6 mm of soft soil. After having covered them, rake, roll and irrigate: keep the soil moderately moist until germination occurs, when the first autumn rains begin. Make the first cut about a month after the appearance of the turf, maintaining a height of 30-40 mm.


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