International day of the Mediterranean Sea dedicated to the fallen

International day of the Mediterranean Sea dedicated to the fallen

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There International day of the Mediterranean Sea is dedicated to the fallen of our sea. All the fallen of the sea: from migrants to fishermen, to sailors, to people who had found work in the sea or were chasing hope. It is celebrated on 8 July and this year is the first edition.

A sea of ​​peace is the slogan of the first International day of the Mediterranean Sea. The celebration is jointly promoted by Earth Day Italia, Ancislink (International No-Profit Association), Asc-Coni (Conferederate Sports Activities) and counts on the support of the Italian Navy. The aim of the day is to keep international attention high on the geo-political problems of the Mediterranean area, promoting the memory of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

The program of the International day of the Mediterranean Sea provides a series of initiatives in memory of those who fell overboard.

  • From the seaside resort of the Marina di Ostia Montefusco some boats of the sailing school depart which, in collaboration with the NautiClub club, perform the symbolic gesture of throwing flowers into the sea to witness the memory of the missing.
  • TO Mazara del Vallo, the bishop of the diocese, Monsignor Mogavero, celebrates a mass dedicated to all the fallen during the terrible journeys of hope from the North African coast to Italy.
  • Also in Greece, the members of the sailing club of the island of Kefalonia leave from the port of Argostoli to throw flowers into the sea.

The deep meaning of the International day of the Mediterranean Sea it is linked to the environment and the nefarious exploitation of natural resources as an opportunity for inequality and discrimination. Pierluigi Sassi, president of Earth Day Italia, stressed that the unhealthy exploitation of the planet's resources by a minority of people at the expense of the weakest is at the origin of poverty, wars and migrations that follow.

For the next few years there is the intention to grow the International Day of the Mediterranean Sea through solidarity initiatives for migrants, but also sporting and cultural occasions. In this way, the initiative will become truly international and the 'sea of ​​peace' project will materialize.

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